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'Love is Love' - Kama Ayurveda collaborates with Manish Arora


As we were nearing the much awaited day of love, the Valentine’s Day, we thought of the perfect gift to represent the emotion of love. Our values are rooted in purity, authenticity and kindness....

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The Greeks warriors used a mixture of olive oil and honey on their skin to look fair and young. The Roman men had elaborate bathing rituals in ancient bathhouses.....

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Gifting The Freedom Of Choice With Kama Ayurveda's Gift Cards


Just thinking about the auspicious day of Diwali stirs up a hundred special memories in our heart and we are left with a feeling of nostalgia. Year after year, we have been so lucky to celebrate this day with our loved one who make us brim with joy.......

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Reminiscing the goodness of Ayurveda this Dhanteras


There’s an interesting story ascribed to the origin of Dhanteras. It’s about a 16-year-old son of King Hima whose horoscope had predicted death by a snake-bite on the fourth night of his marriage......

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Gifts Pure Timeless Beauty - The Diwali Gifting Guide


Diwali gifts are just so special. They carry this wonderful warm feeling of togetherness and homecoming which instantly light up the hearts of everyone receiving and gifting them......

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Be the harbinger of love and light this Diwali


There is no other day that lights up the darkest corners of our heart and fills it with immense love like the auspicious day of Diwali.....

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Rakhi Special: Skin Benefits of Lavender, Patchouli and Tulsi


It is not enough to look healthy and beautiful – you also have to feel it. You cannot claim to be healthy, if you are not well. A sense of wellness entails awareness of the need for complete mind-body health. In other words...

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Rakhi Special: Brothers & Sisters, the Best Problem-Solvers!


We all depend on our siblings for emergency advice and last-minute rescuing. These might be our siblings by birth, or whoever we might be close to because of how life’s circumstances may have brought us together.....

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Celebrate Journeys that Siblings Share with Kama Ayurveda


The bond between a brother and sister is not just defined by blood, but also by life experience and circumstance. Where there are no parents, those siblings become everything for each other. Where there are parents .....

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#KamaForMen: Efficacy In Authenticity


Global market trends for masculine beauty are skyrocketing. Current growth rates are putting the spotlight on other equally important grooming categories, such as Bath & Body.....

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The idea of Dad being the main provider – of practically everything - is deeply ingrained in our consciousness. Is it fair though, that the idea be taken for granted?.....

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Remember all the times when Mom surprised you with the one gift you thought you were never going to get? What about every occasion when Mom had a ready piece of advice to help you through a financial crisis, a bad relationship.....

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Remembering the Roots of Holi


Holi is the mood-uplifting festival of colours that, marks the onset of Springtime in India. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls in the lunar month of Phalguna. In 2018, Holi arrives on the 2nd of March.

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Natural Holi Colours, with Love from Avacayam


Holi is a special time of year at Kama Ayurveda. An inspirational collaboration with New Delhi-based NGO Prabhat, has led us to a beautiful way of giving back to Mother Nature.

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Remind Them They’re Beautiful this Valentine’s Day


It can be difficult to choose a ‘personal’ gift, for someone - you run the risk of getting it wrong, of misunderstanding their personal tastes. Especially, when it comes to someone’s beauty/personal grooming regimens.....

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From India with Love: A Unique Christmas Gifting Guide


Did you know that Christmas trees and gifts are really a German tradition that was made popular by Queen Victoria in 1840s? Back then, an engraving of the Royal family celebrating Christmas with a beautiful tree and gifts made it a rage with the British populace and this trend then became popular among the Americans as well......

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What Kind of Bride Are You?


Every bride is her own kind of beautiful, accentuated by her unapologetic, self-assured aura, and comfort in her own skin. And, for every kind of bride......

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A glowing Diwali from Kashmir to Kanyakumari


Diwali is the festival of enlightenment. It urges us to light every corner of our mind and soul. Even the tradition of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, together......

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Sharing A Piece of #MyKindOfDiwali


Regardless of regional variations, Diwali is a time for exuberant excitement for some and contemplative resolve and prayerfulness for others. Either way, it’s an opportune time to plan new beginnings.....

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Celebrate the Bond that sets you Free


The thread that still holds the knot of your childhood secrets together. The string that has your precious memories weaved in. The companion that was always there for you but never in your way. The friend that walked holding your finger, but never held you back...

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Rakhi Special - For the Beautiful side of the Sibling, that only You know


Only you saw. His dream to scale the cradle walls before eyeing the corner office. Her will to take the first baby step before standing up for her ambitions. His first argument for an extra piece of chocolate. Her fighting spirit that earned her captaincy of the boy’s cricket team.

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3 Thoughtful Gifts for the Perfect Dad


Every Father was once a man busy chasing his dreams. But one day he learned that balancing a newborn’s head needed more care than fixing balance sheets. Changing the baby's diaper became more important than finding a new job. Reading to a toddler became more fruitful than training the brightest interns. And raising kids was the more gratifying job than creating an empire.

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Make your Father’s Day exquisitely beautiful!


Fathers are beautiful. When they nurse our bruised egos and show us the greatness in failure. When they fuel our yearning for perfection and help us spring back, if we fall short. When they teach us to laugh and laugh the loudest at ourselves. Fathers are beautiful, because they are the strength in our love.

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What to gift to the woman, who gave you her all?


Do you remember how gently she detangled your locks? How her palms turned sunshine yellow while preparing the haldi ubtan for your soft face? How she experimented with traditional body oils on herself, before she let a drop near your skin? How she tenderly smiled, when you wrapped yourself in her precious Benarsi...

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5 reasons Holi is rejuvenating for your body


Holi is associated with the colour white, which symbolises the end of one phase and the beginning of a rosy tomorrow. With its arrival, we celebrate the return of colours on the trees, in the sunsets and even our wardrobes. Holi stresses the need to do away with impassive winters...

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Holiday Gifting


 As the festive season kicks in, choosing special gifts for all the important people in our lives can be very time consuming. This guide attempts to make this process more efficient and bring the joy back in to gift giving!

Check out, some of our suggestions specially customized for the different people in your lives

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Eco Friendly Holidays


A cleaner, greener holiday season

With the festive season in full swing, thinking about the quality of air we breathe while we celebrate can raise a red flag .At Kama Ayurveda, while we are strong advocates of the party mood, we are also interested in finding a balance and reducing the consequences. Here are some small steps we are personally taking...

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