12 Beauty and Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Essential Oil

12 Beauty and Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Authored by : Shreya Dalela
  • 2 October 2020
  • 10 mins read
Reviewed by : Dr. Kanchan Kachroo

Lemon and orange-blossom-like scent with a hint of spiciness, similar to ginger - the fragrance of lemongrass is truly one of a kind, something your senses will remember once you experience it. 

Coming from the Poaceae family (same as Citronella), the Lemongrass is also called Cymbopogon. If you crush the leaves of this plant in your hands, you will get the wonderful lemon-like fragrance. Lemongrass essential oil is derived from the steam distillation of these leaves. 

In Ayurveda, Lemongrass Essential oil is utilized as a stimulant that benefits the body and mind. With a wide range of benefits, from alleviating headaches to promoting hair growth and improving skin texture, the oil has now found its significance beyond aromatherapy. However, it’s still most widely popular for its powerful, citrus scent.

lemongrass essential oil

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Note - It’s not advisable to use Lemongrass essential oil directly for topical applications. Always dilute it with a suitable carrier oil like Almond oil, Coconut oil, or Sesame oil prior to use.

In this article, we’ll learn more about this essential oil and discover its multifarious benefits. 

What Is Lemongrass Essential oil?

Lemongrass/Cymbopogon is one in the family of approximately 55 other grass species. Native to the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia, these plants are usually harvested using sharp tools to cut them accurately. Proper care is taken to prevent the splitting of the leaves as they contain the precious Lemongrass oil. The oil is later derived through the steam distillation of the leaves. 

Few of the compounds found in this oil are terpene, ketones, alcohol, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. These all associate to the host of benefits that the oil provides. 

The Lemongrass has also been given the name of fever grass due to its amazing ability to reduce fever and many other ailments effectively. This oil contains antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant components making it a prevalent choice for those looking for flawless skin and healthy-thick tresses.

Top 12 Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits You Need To Know

Did you know that using the Lemongrass essential oil in your daily routine could give you benefits for your skin, hair as well as your overall health? Let’s now look at some of the most popular uses and benefits of the oil.

  • Eliminates Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common irritant found on the scalp. Having a flake-free scalp and well-nourished hair-follicles is the key to strong and thick hair growth. Adding 2-3 drops of Lemongrass essential oil to your hair oil and applying it on the scalp effectively eliminates dandruff-causing bacteria. A study was conducted in 2015, stating that Lemongrass oil reduces dandruff considerably in a week's time frame.

  • Works Against Fungal Infections

Lemongrass essential oil contains a high amount of anti-fungal properties. This works against the growth of fungal infections on the body. It is specifically stated to combat the formation of the candida species on the skin, nails, and hair. When applied topically, it avoids the emergence and inhibits the growth of any form of yeast-based infection. 

  • Reduces Anxiety

The aroma of the Lemongrass essential oil is peace-inducing, as well as calming. When inhaled through a diffuser or vaporizer, the oil can spontaneously reduce any stress or anxiety. It can thereby, even lower the blood pressure level of a person. A study conducted in 2015 concluded that massaging the lemongrass essential oil with sweet almond oil allows a reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

  • Works As A Stress Reliever

Again, as stress and anxiety are a common factor that causes an increase in the blood pressure rate, this oil is known to reduce it and thereby eliminate stress. Even massaging this oil on the scalp is beneficial as the aroma has a calming effect.

A component present in lemongrass called Eugenol has properties similar to that of the aspirin. Eugenol further promotes the release of serotonin. The serotonin hormone helps in regulating sleep, appetite, and other cognition related functions.

ayurveda lemongrass essential oil
  • Freshens Up The Atmosphere

When sprayed in the environment in a diluted format, this oil is known to instantaneously freshen the atmosphere, thereby acting as a natural room freshener or perfume. The chemical-based air fresheners have toxic components that could harm us in the long term. On the other hand, this oil is entirely safe and non-toxic. It works as a deodorant and, at the same time, relaxes the atmosphere.

  • Reduces Pain And Muscle Cramps

The Citral present in the lemongrass essential oil is known for reducing pain and cramps caused by any inflammation. This oil is often used as a home-treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and applied to the area of concern for pain relief. A study claims that after 30 days of regularly applying this oil, the pain levels can reduce drastically.

  • Supports Skin Health

The oil has many skin benefitting properties. The Lemongrass oil is known to enhance overall skin texture from cleansing and detoxifying the skin and pores to eliminating excess oil from the skin. 

The antioxidant properties of the oil aid in neutralizing the free radicals and promoting the skin's suppleness. Not only this, but it also helps to combat the formation of acne-causing bacteria.

  • Antiseptic and Astringent Properties

The antiseptic properties present in this oil make it functional in healing bruises and superficial wounds. It cleanses and disinfects the wound and supports the healing process. It is also considered to be a natural astringent, thereby allowing the toning of the skin, giving it a natural glow, and also strengthening the skin structure at the same time.

  • Eliminates Pests

This oil is quite famous for pest controlling as it possesses antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It can efficiently disarm the fungi from further growth and prevent the spreading of microorganisms by pests. The citral content present in this oil is quite prominent and helpful in getting rid of insects and pests.

  • Calms digestive disorders

Lemongrass is also a common folk-remedy that allows individuals to keep away stomach aches and gastric ulcers. To support this, a study conducted in 2012 states the reduction of stomach ulcers using the lemongrass essential oil on mice. This oil is also known to lessen diarrhea, thereby giving calmness to the digestive system. The aroma of this oil could also provide relief from nausea and related issues.

  • Lowers Cholesterol

Higher cholesterol levels can trigger the onset of cardiovascular diseases. In ancient times, the Lemongrass herb was used to curb heart diseases. The cholesterol level could be reduced using the lemongrass essential oil in proportional quantities and verified dosage levels. However, it's important to check if the oil is suitable for ingestion as not all Lemongrass essential oils are suitable for cooking. Alternatively, you can drink Lemongrass tea to reap similar benefits.

  • Regulates The Blood Sugar Levels

Though more research is needed for this benefit, many people use this oil to treat or prevent diabetes quite successfully. Based on a study conducted in 2007 an improved fasting glucose level was visible on administering lemongrass essential oil, however, further research stands warranted. Again, it’s important to note that not all Lemongrass oils are suitable for consumption.

These were the benefits of the Lemongrass essential oil one could note when utilizing it. Next, let's understand its top uses.

What Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Used For?

The Lemongrass essential oil has been used for a wide range of applications. The most common and genuine ones are as stated below.

  • Skincare

The Lemongrass essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness, inflammation, itching, and swelling. As it is rich in antiseptic and astringent properties, one could often find it included in cosmetics meant to achieve soft, toned, and glowing skin. 

It is even known to purify the skin by cleansing the pores. It is renowned for diminishing the appearance of cellulite and can be used as a remedy to treat fungal infections as well

  • Haircare

Massaging the scalp with the Lemongrass essential oil and a carrier oil can effectively promote hair growth and strengthen the roots of the hair. It can even ward off dandruff-causing bacteria and reduce the white flakes considerably. 

Along with supporting hair-growth, this oil also eliminates itchiness and provides relief from scalp irritation. The regular use of this oil states to bring about a contraction in the hair follicles, preventing the shedding of hair-fall prominently.

  • Aromatherapy

Did you know that the Lemongrass essential oil can contribute to giving a person relief from their stressful environment or anxiety-feeding thoughts? It can combat lethargy, irritability, and nervousness in a person. It also boosts mental alertness and terminates mental fatigue. 

When utilizing the Lemongrass essential oil in aromatherapy, this oil could emit a natural fragrance in the atmosphere. Thereby, it works as an effective zero-toxin and all-natural air-freshener.

When used through a diffuser, it instills freshness and gives a notion of a rejuvenated environment. It can uplift one's mood instantly and can help in eradicating negative and depressing attitudes or thoughts.

  • Medicinal properties

Diluting the Lemongrass with any carrier oil of one's choice and applying it topically gives tremendous relief from muscle pain and joint aches. It provides comfort from headaches as well as the uneasiness caused by arthritis. 

It even alleviates stomach pain and gives cure from digestive ailments by easing stomach-aches and spasms occurring in the digestive tract. 

Due to its rich antiseptic content, this oil can clean wounds and combat against the presence of any bacteria or fungal attack. Also, it has healing properties that could aid in healing the wound quickly.

It could even work as a detoxifying agent, as it could induce sweating or perspiration in an individual and thereby support the eradication of harmful toxins from the body. This oil is also stated to reduce the blood pressure, blood sugar as well as the cholesterol levels in the body and promote healthy functioning of the complete system.

  • Insect Repellent Properties

The citronella content in the Lemongrass essential oil is known to repel insects naturally, because of which spraying this oil in areas of infestations could help one in getting rid of them naturally without anyone inhaling any toxic compounds.

lemongrass oil insect repellent

Kama Ayurveda’s Natural Insect Deterrent Body Spray has Lemongrass essential oil as one of the key ingredients. It is a light body spray that is ideal for keeping away mosquitoes and other insects. It provides adequate protection for 3 hours after application.

As it’s 100 percent natural, it’s gentle enough for daily use and free of toxic insect-repelling chemicals. It provides the safest natural protection against mosquito and other insect bites. For this reason, it’s safe to use for adults, children (above 1 year of age), and pregnant women with no side effects.

How To Use Lemongrass Essential Oil?

As understood from the above sections, the lemongrass essential oil could be applied topically on the skin, hair, or it can be used for its aromatic properties. However, it's crucial to understand how to use the oil to get the benefits.

  • Using Lemongrass Oil For Hair

One could mix the lemongrass essential oil either to their oil or shampoo to utilize it for the hair.

When using it along with hair oil, take about 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil like coconut, almond, or sesame. Next, add about 1-2 drops of the lemongrass essential oil and mix it well. Apply it on the scalp and along the hair shafts generously. Massaging the scalp is suggested to enhance the complete hair-oiling experience.

When using it along with the shampoo, add about 1-2 drops of the oil to a handful of the shampoo you generally use. Herbal based or natural shampoos are suggested for avoiding any adverse reactions.

  • Using Lemongrass Oil For Skin

One could use this oil on the skin to get rid of muscle cramps, joint pain, or for cosmetic purposes. The following are the methods of using it based on your concern. 

For muscle cramps and joint pain, add 1 or 2 drops of the lemongrass essential oil to any carrier oil like coconut oil, almond, or jojoba oil. Next, apply this mixture over the affected area and massage to effectively eliminate the cramp or pain.

For cosmetic purposes, you could add it to your toner or your moisturizer.  To use it as a toner, one could add 100 ml of witch hazel to 2ml of lemongrass essential oil. Mix the mixture well and apply it over the face using a delicate brush.

To use this as a moisturizer, you could add a few drops of this oil to warm shea butter and mix it well. Apply it over the skin, wherever you wish to moisturize.

lemongrass oil for skin

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  • Using Lemongrass Essential Oil As A Diffuser

To use this oil for its aromatic properties, one could diffuse the oil. To do so, add 3-4 drops of the oil to the diffuser or vaporizer and experience the aromatic benefits this oil provides. Another simple way to use the oil for its aroma is to pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and tuck into a corner of the room. Refresh the cotton as required.

One could also utilize this oil as a room freshener by adding about 8-9 drops of the oil it to a spray bottle filled with water. Always remember to shake the bottle before using it.

Lastly, it is advisable to consult with your general practitioner before incorporating this oil in the daily routine, to avoid any untoward reactions. Also, remember to do a patch test before using this oil. And take precautions to always use the oil in its diluted format regardless of its use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • Does Lemongrass essential oil lighten the skin?

The limonene content present in the lemongrass essential oil aids in lightening the skin naturally.

  • Can Lemongrass essential oil be used in cooking?

Yes, this oil can be utilized for cooking and could be added to beverages. However, not every brand selling the oil would promote its ingestion. Hence, make sure to verify the usage the brand claims to give before making a purchase. Kama Ayurveda Lemongrass Essential oil is NOT suitable for cooking or ingestion.

  • What does Lemongrass oil kill?

Lemongrass oil could repel pests and insects like mosquitoes. And studies are stating that this oil could kill German cockroaches. Other than that it is known to kill various microorganisms carried by pests. 

  • What does Lemongrass cure?

Lemongrass is known to cure digestive ailments.


In this article, we provided you with everything that you need to know about Lemongrass essential oil and its many uses beyond aromatherapy. The relaxing and hypnotic smell of oil is well known to relieve anxiety, irritability, and insomnia. However, it’s a powerful essential oil with many benefits for hair and skin. 

The antiseptic and astringent properties of the oil make it perfect for getting even and glowing skin. Applying it to the scalp strengthens hair follicles, controls hair loss, and leaves hair shiny and fresh.

If you’re new to the world of essential oils, check out our complete guide - Essential Oils 101 - How To Find The Best Ones For You

essential oils

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