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Ayurvedic Ingredients and their Benefits


What are the most popular Ayurvedic Ingredients being used in Kama’s products? What are their benefits? The most popular Ayurvedic ingredients used in the products and their benefits are as follows: Sesame Oil The vitamin E found in sesame oil acts as an excellent antioxidant. A natural sunscreen....

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Rose water and its making


We use steam distillation to make our super pure rose water. Here’s how: 1. Rose petals are collected in a copper container as per the grade and strength required. The ‘grade’ refers to the type of flower and ‘strength’ refers to the ratio of flower petals to water. This container is then completely sealed so that the risk of contamination is minimized.A fire is then lit below this container which causes...

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Organic products explained


How would you define an organic beauty product? What are the parameters by which a user can identify an organic product?If a cosmetic, body care or personal care product contains or is made up of agricultural ingredients and can meet the National Organic Program (NOP) organic production, handling, processing and labelling standards, it may be eligible to be certified as an organic beauty product ...

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