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Eternal Rose Box

Eternal Rose Box

A must-have for lovers of traditional and everlasting beauty, this curation of Rose-inspired care for your skin makes for an indispensible personal collectible and the perfect gifting option, when you do not have time to think and plan during the delightful chaos of the festive season.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview:
Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser : - A gently foaming, non-drying Face Wash, with Signature Rose and Jasmine Essential Oil Extracts, that act as efficient astringents. Along with antibacterial Black Cumin, they help clear clogged skin pores and minimise their enlarged appearance. Rose and Jasmine also smoothen the appearance of fine lines, and restore lost radiance.
Pure Rose Water : - Steam-distilled to ensure impeccable purity, and a steadfast favourite amongst beauty lovers for its relaxing, and deeply sensual fragrance. Extracted from premium-grade, hand-harvested Damask Roses. A natural, pH-balancing astringent and skin toner, this versatile face and body Mist is ideal for on-the-go refreshment at any time.
Rose Lip Balm : - Infused with delightfully sweet and comforting Rose Oil, this gently perfumed Lip Balm is a helpful remedy for dark, pigmented lips. Organic Beeswax provides a healing, protective base, while richly hydrating Organic Sweet Almond and Castor Oils, along with Cocoa Butter, provide consistent, long-lasting moisturisation for beautifully soft lips.
Rose Soap : - A luxuriant body soap infused with pure Rose Essential Oil and Rose Water for soft and beautifully scented skin. Rose tones enlarged skin pores and gives the complexion a toned and smooth appearance. It also provides antioxidant protection , acts as an excellent antibacterial agent and skin conditioner .

• Gentle & hydrating
• Soothing on delicate skin
• Daily, long-lasting nourishment
• Anti-ageing protection

What To Expect:
A collection of indispensable additions to your daily rituals with trusted Kama Ayurveda Signature ingredients.

Box Contains:
1 Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser (50ML )
1 Pure Rose Water (8ML)
1 Rose Lip Balm (5GM)
1 Rose Soap (50GM)

How to Use


Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser:
• Pump out appropriate amount onto your palm.
• Massage lightly in circular motions on damp skin.
• Rinse well with Water, and pat dry.
• Different skin types react differently to a Natural product. Please conduct a patch test before application.

Pure Rose Water:
• Spritz generously on face and body, as and when required.
• Recommended especially during exposure to humid, tropical temperatures.
• May be used to blend DIY face and body masks and wraps, particularly for drier skin types.
• For best results in warmer temperatures, keep your bottle of Pure Rose Water refrigerated.
• Different skin and hair types react differently to a Natural product. Please conduct a patch test before application.

Rose Lip Balm:
• Rub a small amount on your fingertips, and spread evenly onto lips.
• Re-apply as often as required.
• Different skin types react differently to a Natural product. Please conduct a patch test before application.

Rose Soap:
• Store in a cool, dry, clean place, to avoid rapid melting.
• Use daily on your face and body, with warm Water.
• Rinse clean and moisturise thoroughly post-bath or shower.
• Different skin and hair types react differently to a Natural product. Please conduct a patch test before application.



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Ask Kama

Ask Question?

Q. What is the solution to dry and frizzy hair.. dealing with excessive hairfall too

Question by: Chandrima on Sep 28, 2018 13:02:15 PM

A. We recommend our Hair Care Regime of Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, an all-in-one Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, premature graying and dandruff, that restores and nurtures damaged hair back to life. Post thirty minutes of treatment, follow with our sulphate and paraben free, Rose & Jasmine Hair Cleanser and Conditioner to naturally cleanse & condition hair. Best used 2-3 times a week.

Answer by: Team Kama on Oct 08, 2018 07:40:24 AM

Q. I want to order 6 sets of eternal rose boxes. Can you help me out with the expiry dates of all the 6 boxes?

Question by: Chikki on Oct 06, 2018 13:51:11 PM

A. Please email

Answer by: Team Kama on Oct 18, 2018 09:56:33 AM

Q. I have a combination acne prone skin with active acne. I am 25.please suggest day care and night care regime .Also, suggest a better toner for my skin, lavender or rose water?

Question by: Renz on Oct 17, 2018 20:57:22 PM

A. We suggest starting with our Acne Care Regime of : Anti Acne Cleansing Foam, Pure Rose Water, Sensitive Skin Day Cream and Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack, to treat & prevent acne, balance oiliness and lighten scarring. Once the acne subsides use Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream. Patch test before use.

Answer by: Team Kama on Oct 30, 2018 10:55:53 AM

Q. I have oily skin which is a little acne prone. Can i use the Kumkumadi Serum along with the Kama AyurvedaRejuvenating Night Cream?

Question by: Vasudha on Dec 28, 2018 05:45:05 AM

A. We suggest starting with Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream. Every night post cleansing, spray Pure Rose Water and gently massage Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream till absorbed. Patch test before use. Not recommended for use on active acne.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jan 08, 2019 10:24:33 AM

Q. I have pimple problem...and dry lips I have dark pimple spots. Is it fine if I use Kama face care and Kama soap?

Question by: Snehal on Mar 23, 2019 16:10:10 PM

A. We suggest starting with Anti Acne Cleansing Foam, Pure Rose Water and Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack to treat & prevent acne and lighten scarring. For the lips we suggest Rose Lip Balm : a blend of oils, butter & Rose extracts for moisturized, nourished & smooth lips.

Answer by: Team Kama on Mar 28, 2019 07:15:44 AM


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