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  • Hand Cream
  • Rose Jasmine Hand Cleanser
  • Rose Jasmine Hand Lotion

Since the ancient times, women have indulgently applied luxurious plant oils infused with scented flowers like Roses on their hands, to keep their hands soft, smooth and beautiful. This traditional method helped them cure fatigued and dull skin through proper hydration and intensive healing. Hand Care is now more important than ever, given the fast paced, hardworking lifestyles in the modern age. Whether typing away on our phone or laptop, doing our housework or working out at the gym, our hands go through tremendous stress and are also exposed to environmental impurities, germs and toxins. Harsh, chemical-based hand products strip the natural moisture and oils from your hands leaving them rough, stretched and uncomfortable. Kama Ayurveda’s natural hand care products have been created as an answer to this conundrum and use the ancient prescriptions and ingredients of Ayurveda such as natural butters, plant oils and essential oils leaving them soft, nourished and healthy...Read more

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3 Item(s)

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