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Ayurveda is essentially Feminine in its essence. It is an extension of the Primal Goddess. She nurtures, self-rejuvenates, self-heals: and gives creative form and shape to omnipresent Prana, or Life-Giving Energy......

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Varṣā, The Season of Vata Dosha


In Ayurveda, the Doshas are a functional representation of the Panchamahabhutas, or Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Akash (Space).

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Every Indian household has sensorial memories of home-made Summertime drinks, prepared by mothers, aunts and grandmothers. These drinks energised us and made us feel good.....

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#KamaForMen: Efficacy In Authenticity


Global market trends for masculine beauty are skyrocketing. Current growth rates are putting the spotlight on other equally important grooming categories, such as Bath & Body.....

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The idea of Dad being the main provider – of practically everything - is deeply ingrained in our consciousness. Is it fair though, that the idea be taken for granted?.....

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It is now time to stop daydreaming about your long-awaited Summer travels. You have planned everything down to a T, so why throw a spanner in the works by being nonchalant about your beauty arsenal?.....

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The Intriguing Peepal Tree for Beauty


Lord Krishna likens himself as Ashwattha; (Sanskrit) or the Peepal (Pipal) tree, in the Bhagavad Gita. This tree is a symbol of the Universe’s never-ending expanse .....

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Dhanwantaram: A Timeless Pre-Post Natal Ayurvedic Prescription


Ayurveda embodies the compassionate, patient, all-inclusive qualities of Mother Nature, and spreads the message of peaceful, balanced strength and beauty, through Her three defining characteristics .....

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Remember all the times when Mom surprised you with the one gift you thought you were never going to get? What about every occasion when Mom had a ready piece of advice to help you through a financial crisis, a bad relationship.....

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The Chemistry of Natural Beauty


As beauty consumers, we are primed to believe that all unpronounceable words on a product label represent artificial, harmful chemicals. We tend to forget that absolutely everyone ....

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Summer Ready Hands & Feet with These Traditional Home Rituals


Beauty lovers in India take pride in tried and tested secrets. These are characteristically handed down from grandmothers and mothers, for whom such recipes were more a way of Life, than mere experiments. Popular ingredients....

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Burning Incense as a Healthy Lifestyle Practice


The realms of Spirituality and Perfumery place incense on a high pedestal of intrigue and exclusivity. But, it is not that difficult to incorporate incense into daily living.......

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An Ayurvedic View on Menstrual Health


Ayurveda is essentially Feminine in its essence. It is an extension of the primal Goddess, which nurtures, self-rejuvenates, self-heals, and gives creative form and shape to omnipresent Prana.....

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Vasanta, the Season of Kapha Dosha


In Ayurveda, Doshas are a functional representation of the Panchamahabhutas, or Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Akash (Space).

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Destress with These Easy to Grow Herbs and Flowers


When you cultivate a garden as a recreational distraction from your otherwise chaotic life, you take out time for physical exercise, and a much-needed digital detox. The somewhat fixed routine of sowing seeds....

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It has been a while since Kama Ayurveda has launched 4 new products together. After meticulous research, conceptualising, and planning, we are very pleased to introduce new Face Cleansers for acne-prone and sensitive skin, a Face Cream for sensitive skin, and an All Natural Makeup Remover.

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Revive Your Fearlessness this Women’s Day


Indian mythology speaks of Shakti the Supreme Goddess. She is a creative force, giving Life and Form to her counterpart Shiva’s transcendental, omnipresent Energy. This Women’s Day, Kama Ayurveda has a message for women everywhere....

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Remembering the Roots of Holi


Holi is the mood-uplifting festival of colours that, marks the onset of Springtime in India. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls in the lunar month of Phalguna. In 2018, Holi arrives on the 2nd of March.

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Natural Holi Colours, with Love from Avacayam


Holi is a special time of year at Kama Ayurveda. An inspirational collaboration with New Delhi-based NGO Prabhat, has led us to a beautiful way of giving back to Mother Nature.

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Beauty Habits to Break Up with this Valentine’s Day


As is sometimes the case with human relationships, an over-dependence on certain beauty rituals and products, out of sheer habit, can be bad for health. When we hoard things and stick to them simply because we have done for a long period of time, we tend to overlook ....

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Remind Them They’re Beautiful this Valentine’s Day


It can be difficult to choose a ‘personal’ gift, for someone - you run the risk of getting it wrong, of misunderstanding their personal tastes. Especially, when it comes to someone’s beauty/personal grooming regimens.....

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Aromatherapy Rituals for Valentine’s Day


On the subject of fragrant love making the world go round, let us remember the contributions of the ‘Indian Cupid’ Kama, or Kamdev, the God of Desire. Accompanied by his wife Rati, the Apsaras, and Vasanta, the Spring Goddess, he would roam the forests, and strike unsuspecting victims using arrows...

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Healing with Herbal Teas this Winter


Sipping on your favourite blend on a nippy winter night, or even a cozily warm winter afternoon, is like shrouding yourself in an emotional comfort blanket. Besides satiating the craving immediately, drinking the right tea improves your mood, helps you relax at the end of a trying day....

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Ayurveda for Insomnia


In everyday language, people refer to insomnia and the occasional bouts of sleeplessness interchangeably, but they are not the same. Insomnia is more ‘long-term’ sleeplessness - something that has become habitual - to the point of becoming a disorder which therefore...

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Root Vegetable Recipes for a Vata-Laden Winter


Ayurveda states that Vata is the predominant dosha during winter. Every human body has Kapha, Pitta, and Vata elements in their constitution. Every dosha is a combination of natural elements, and Vata is characterised by air and space. When out of sync......

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All About Bajra and the Perfect Winter Meal


The tastier alternative to layering up in the winters, is cooking a deliciously healthy dish that has wonderfully body-warming properties. In Ayurveda, food can be divided into cooling, warming or neutral groups depending on its effect on our body temperature. In winter, our body ...

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5 Warming Foods that keep the Cold out


Warming foods are often misunderstood as food that is heated to a certain temperature and cooling foods as the ones that need to be frozen. But according to the time-honored knowledge of Ayurveda, food is classified as warming or cooling .....

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It is a common sight in homes, shops, and churches during Christmas time – a thatched shed-like structure, topped off by a bright, glittering star, with figurines of a female in blue and white, a male in shepherd’s clothing next to her, and that of a little baby nestled in the hay.....

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From India with Love: A Unique Christmas Gifting Guide


Did you know that Christmas trees and gifts are really a German tradition that was made popular by Queen Victoria in 1840s? Back then, an engraving of the Royal family celebrating Christmas with a beautiful tree and gifts made it a rage with the British populace and this trend then became popular among the Americans as well......

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Wellness Gems For Your Personal Ayurvedic Garden


The aesthetic impact of your personal and professional environment, has an important psychological role to play; in terms of how you assess your innate sense of balance, concentration and contentment. Keeping this in mind, there are some easy to procure, easy to grow...

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Destination Wedding Fixes for Her and Him


Preparing for a destination wedding can be quite stressful, time consuming and intimidating. It may well feel like you’ve crossed the first leg of challenging obstacle race, when you pack all your bags and eagerly make your way to the destination wedding location of your dreams....

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What Kind of Bride Are You?


Every bride is her own kind of beautiful, accentuated by her unapologetic, self-assured aura, and comfort in her own skin. And, for every kind of bride......

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What you should know before you start practising Yoga


With Yoga gaining global acceptance, this ancient practice has found its way into the fitness routines of millions across the world. However, Yoga is far from just another fitness fad that builds flexibility and strengthens muscles. The ultimate purpose of Yoga is to help one attain a state of true consciousness and wellbeing....

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Exfoliate and clarify your skin with Mridul


These days when cleansing is again becoming a longer, more indulgent process, there’s a huge need a product that’s completely soap-free and natural. Our Mridul Soap-free Face Cleanser is powder cleanser that goes above and beyond the call of duty .....

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On the Trail of Ayurvedic Secrets: Lesser Known Ingredients for Health and Wholesome Beauty


Neem, (Margosa/Indian Lilac), Holy Basil, Aloe, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver & Sandalwood: A few of the time-honoured Ayurvedic ingredients that are household names now. As genuine interest in ......

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Festivals in India are larger than life and extraordinary. While the extravagance of these festivities is a treat for the eyes, it also exhausts & taxes our body, mind and soul....

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Essential Oils – Choosing the Right Ones and Using them Correctly


Essential oils couldn’t be more simply named, few things are as effortlessly self-explanatory. However, the underlying meaning is quite deep....

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Ayurveda For Sensitive Skin:


Ayurveda is an approach of creating tried and true balanced prescriptions that can be used on even the most gentle & delicate skin. ....

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How to get a Smooth, Even-Textured Body with Jwalini


Most of us focus on the face and forget the body. Therefore, sometimes even if your face is clear and radiant, the skin on your body is another story - dry, patchy and prone to breakouts.....

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The Ayurvedic Guide to Eating Right


The ancient science of Ayurveda teaches us that holistic well-being is based on the harmonious balance of meditation, physical activity, our environment and food. In Ayurveda, food is recognised as the source of energy for our body and is divided into three kinds of food groups – ‘Tamasic’, ‘Rajasic’ and ‘Sattvic’. ...

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4 Travel Must Haves for your next Holiday


Food, people, language, fragrance and the sheer beauty of the new destination is all that should accompany us back from any travel escapade. Beauty woes if any, should never make it to the stories of a globetrotter. But when you fly half way around the world or tick that road trip off your bucket list, the sun, the heat and humidity tag along too...

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4 Incredible Things the World learned from Ayurveda


Engraved in our vedas, this Sanskrit shloka was written some 5000yrs ago. But the potent truth of this philosophy rings true today, more than ever before. Today, our new-age fitness gurus, celebrities and influencers are waking up to Surya namaskars and ending the day with small nutritious meals that provide nourishment to both the body and skin....

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You won’t believe what this Tree can do for your Beauty


In Ayurveda, this tree is believed to be the nurturer of life, beauty and eternal health. In fact, simply sitting under this tree is said to have a calming effect on your senses, while balancing the breathing cycle. Its inner bark has been used for aromatherapy and its strong woody aroma makes it ideal for beauty and wellness like fragrances, bath and body cleansers...

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6 Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin


The secrets to radiantly beautiful skin seem to be hidden in some of the most deceptive ingredients in our homes that are now known to be superfoods. Sprouts, nuts and legumes are now recognized as pods of eternal radiance and many of our everyday spices are...

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Do Your Kids need Sun Care?


The answer is yes - Ultraviolet rays can’t differentiate between an adult and a child. Children’s skin especially is still developing and is extra sensitive to the immediate environment. Given their active outdoor regime,...

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5 Sunscreen Myths Busted!


To be or not to be in the sun, is a question that is literally making the earth go around. There are enough and more studies on how exposure to Sun is good for the bones and great for the hair and skin. And then there are studies that hint at irreversible damage caused by overexposure to the Sun. At Kama Ayurveda, we believe a bit of both hold ...

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Suncare habits that lead to great skin


Sunscreen is the backbone of skincare. There’s no point investing in beautiful face cream or serum, if you don’t protect your skin from the sun. And if you have this first step as part of your daily regimen, there are many other things that you can do to boost your beauty ritual and the quality of your complexion.

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Because Your Kids deserve only the Purest


Once upon a time, the rains smelled of romance and summers of a carefree holiday. However with the onset of Motherhood every season took on a different meaning for me. Summers meant umbrellas, and strange smelling de-tan remedies. Monsoons turned into house arrest for my twins with burning neem leaves........

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Why you need to go natural


People have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen. We love it because sun protection is the first line of treatment against wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, basically all signs of ageing. But we hate it because of the tacky texture and the huge number of chemicals in it. That said, you can apply the most expensive serums and night creams but if you're not ....

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Hot now: Kama brings you the first all-natural sunscreen


Make sun protection a priority. It is the first line of defence against signs of ageing including fine, lines, wrinkles, open pores and pigmentation. In fact, sun protection is so important that skin specialists are often quoted as saying that if there’s one essential they would suggest for better skin, it would be the regular use of sunscreen.

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