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8 Simple Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair


If you are fed up with health issues related to your scalp and couldn’t find a long term solution for it, you have landed at the right place .....

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12 Amazing Ways To Use Hibiscus For Hair


In Ayurveda, Hibiscus is one of the most renowned herbs for promoting hair growth. Yes, you read it right! Those bright and beautiful flowers........ 

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The 2 Best Ayurvedic Ubtan Recipes For A Glowing Skin


Even if you’ve never heard about ubtan and its benefits for the skin, you’ll recall it from the auspicious.....

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Bridal Skin Care - 11 Pre-Bridal Tips For A Glowing Skin


It’s almost here! The day you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl. It’s your special day, with all eyes on you. And you deserve the perfect flawless skin...... 

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How To Clean Face Like A Pro - 6 Simple Steps


We all know that healthy and glowing skin requires effort and regular care. But, let’s admit, we get lazy and often forget about following our skincare .......

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Dhanwantharam Thailam for Massage During Pregnancy


When a Mother is going through a phase as happy, memorable, and transformational as Motherhood, Ayurveda recommends that she is provided with all the gifts of Nature to help her through this phase......

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How To Remove Tan - 10 Effective Home Remedies


Summer is a cheerful holiday season but no one likes the harsh sun. Exposure to the sun not only tans the skin but also causes skin problems like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Harmful UV radiation......

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Wonder Herb Bhringraj - How to Use Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth


We all want thick, lustrous, and healthy hair and we are willing to go lengths to make that happen. Hair packs, hair treatments, serums, shampoos, vitamin supplements.....

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How to Use Nalpamaradi Thailam To Remove Tan


If you live in a tropical country, you’ll know how hard it is to maintain a bright and even complexion.....

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How to use Toner


This question often pops up in our head while going through skin care regimes. Almost all of these regimes recommend using toners. However, its purpose isn’t well understood by many....

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7 things that start happening once you start using rose water


Just the mention of Rose brings a cooling and soothing sensation to our senses. The elegant Rose flower has been a symbol of love, friendship and forgiveness not merely by coincidence.....

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Amla for Hair - Indian Secret to healthy, lustrous hair


Ever wonder how our grandmothers managed to have thick, glossy and intensely dark hair even in their 50s? The secret lies in the powerful Ayurvedic fruit Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry for hair........

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In everyday terms, what would it mean to possess Divine Beauty? Is it truly some unreachable milestone in personal beauty, a natural, God-given gift for just a lucky few?....

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Summer Ready Hands & Feet with These Traditional Home Rituals


Beauty lovers in India take pride in tried and tested secrets. These are characteristically handed down from grandmothers and mothers, for whom such recipes were more a way of Life, than mere experiments. Popular ingredients....

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Revive Your Fearlessness this Women’s Day


Indian mythology speaks of Shakti the Supreme Goddess. She is a creative force, giving Life and Form to her counterpart Shiva’s transcendental, omnipresent Energy. This Women’s Day, Kama Ayurveda has a message for women everywhere....

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Beauty Habits to Break Up with this Valentine’s Day


As is sometimes the case with human relationships, an over-dependence on certain beauty rituals and products, out of sheer habit, can be bad for health. When we hoard things and stick to them simply because we have done for a long period of time, we tend to overlook ....

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Festivals in India are larger than life and extraordinary. While the extravagance of these festivities is a treat for the eyes, it also exhausts & taxes our body, mind and soul....

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Essential Oils – Choosing the Right Ones and Using them Correctly


Essential oils couldn’t be more simply named, few things are as effortlessly self-explanatory. However, the underlying meaning is quite deep....

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How to get a Smooth, Even-Textured Body with Jwalini


Most of us focus on the face and forget the body. Therefore, sometimes even if your face is clear and radiant, the skin on your body is another story - dry, patchy and prone to breakouts.....

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Hair Care FAQ


How and how often should people shampoo and oil their hair?

How often you should shampoo your hair changes from one individual to the other. If the scalp is more oily, it is okay to shampoo daily. Cleansing the scalp is more important than the hair as it is the place where sebum is concentrated. For most people, shampooing the hair twice a week is sufficient .....

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