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Every Indian household has sensorial memories of home-made Summertime drinks, prepared by mothers, aunts and grandmothers. These drinks energised us and made us feel good.....

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How To Overcome Irregular Periods Naturally


The menstrual cycle of a woman is a window to her overall reproductive health. The regular menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days, however, our bodies don’t always work like clockworks......

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Balancing Sadhaka Pitta For Emotional Health


According to Ayurveda, the mind and the heart are one and the same. In the Charaka Samhita, an ayurvedic text, it is said, hridaye chetana sthanam, which means, "the seat of consciousness is in the heart."

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Ayurveda For Your Lungs


Your lungs are constantly working to provide your body with all the oxygen it needs to function well. The respiratory system is vital for you to live. However, just like all other systems of our body........

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Ayurvedic Herbs for a Blissful Winter


The constant sniffing and coughing around you are heralds of the Winter season. We don’t usually associate winter as being good for our health, but Ayurveda does. According, to the age-old science, the winter season is best to improve well-being.

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Abhyanga for Complete Skin Care in the Winter


The season of grey skies and chilly winds is upon us. It is the harbinger of all things gloomy – cold and flu, dry skin and fatigue. As the season changes, so does our body. Ayurveda’s foundation lies in the belief that our bodily constitution mirrors ......

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Diwali festivities are wrapping up and the bridal season is just around the corner. It’s the season for celebrations and parties. But, as much as we love Diwali, there’s no denying that the festival leaves us worrying about our skin.....

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Ayurveda is essentially Feminine in its essence. It is an extension of the Primal Goddess. She nurtures, self-rejuvenates, self-heals: and gives creative form and shape to omnipresent Prana, or Life-Giving Energy......

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Varṣā, The Season of Vata Dosha


In Ayurveda, the Doshas are a functional representation of the Panchamahabhutas, or Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Akash (Space).

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The Intriguing Peepal Tree for Beauty


Lord Krishna likens himself as Ashwattha; (Sanskrit) or the Peepal (Pipal) tree, in the Bhagavad Gita. This tree is a symbol of the Universe’s never-ending expanse .....

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Burning Incense as a Healthy Lifestyle Practice


The realms of Spirituality and Perfumery place incense on a high pedestal of intrigue and exclusivity. But, it is not that difficult to incorporate incense into daily living.......

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An Ayurvedic View on Menstrual Health


Ayurveda is essentially Feminine in its essence. It is an extension of the primal Goddess, which nurtures, self-rejuvenates, self-heals, and gives creative form and shape to omnipresent Prana.....

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Vasanta, the Season of Kapha Dosha


In Ayurveda, Doshas are a functional representation of the Panchamahabhutas, or Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Akash (Space).

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Aromatherapy Rituals for Valentine’s Day


On the subject of fragrant love making the world go round, let us remember the contributions of the ‘Indian Cupid’ Kama, or Kamdev, the God of Desire. Accompanied by his wife Rati, the Apsaras, and Vasanta, the Spring Goddess, he would roam the forests, and strike unsuspecting victims using arrows...

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Healing with Herbal Teas this Winter


Sipping on your favourite blend on a nippy winter night, or even a cozily warm winter afternoon, is like shrouding yourself in an emotional comfort blanket. Besides satiating the craving immediately, drinking the right tea improves your mood, helps you relax at the end of a trying day....

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Ayurveda for Insomnia


In everyday language, people refer to insomnia and the occasional bouts of sleeplessness interchangeably, but they are not the same. Insomnia is more ‘long-term’ sleeplessness - something that has become habitual - to the point of becoming a disorder which therefore...

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It is a common sight in homes, shops, and churches during Christmas time – a thatched shed-like structure, topped off by a bright, glittering star, with figurines of a female in blue and white, a male in shepherd’s clothing next to her, and that of a little baby nestled in the hay.....

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What you should know before you start practising Yoga


With Yoga gaining global acceptance, this ancient practice has found its way into the fitness routines of millions across the world. However, Yoga is far from just another fitness fad that builds flexibility and strengthens muscles. The ultimate purpose of Yoga is to help one attain a state of true consciousness and wellbeing....

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On the Trail of Ayurvedic Secrets: Lesser Known Ingredients for Health and Wholesome Beauty


Neem, (Margosa/Indian Lilac), Holy Basil, Aloe, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver & Sandalwood: A few of the time-honoured Ayurvedic ingredients that are household names now. As genuine interest in ......

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You won’t believe what this Tree can do for your Beauty


In Ayurveda, this tree is believed to be the nurturer of life, beauty and eternal health. In fact, simply sitting under this tree is said to have a calming effect on your senses, while balancing the breathing cycle. Its inner bark has been used for aromatherapy and its strong woody aroma makes it ideal for beauty and wellness like fragrances, bath and body cleansers...

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Because Your Kids deserve only the Purest


Once upon a time, the rains smelled of romance and summers of a carefree holiday. However with the onset of Motherhood every season took on a different meaning for me. Summers meant umbrellas, and strange smelling de-tan remedies. Monsoons turned into house arrest for my twins with burning neem leaves........

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Royal Beauty Secrets for the Queen in You


Legend goes that The Queen of Kings as Cleopatra was famously called, enchanted the denizens of city of Tarsus, much before they actually laid their eyes on her. Her ardour for all things beautiful resulted in her travelling up the river Cydnus in a barge, decorated and scented with perfumes and essential oils like Patchouli and Jasmine......

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5 Essential Oils to Rekindle your Love for Happiness


Petrichor is the fragrance that arises when the grains of dry soil embrace fresh rain drops. Few can resist the happy feeling that this earthy scent is known to arouse. It inspired the great Gene Kelly to immortalise this by singing “No matter what life wants to throw my way, I’ll be singing, I’ll be singing in the rain”.

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About Turmeric


At-home-solutions: the magic of turmeric

Arguably the most powerful natural ingredient ever, turmeric is a natural skin brightener. It reduces dark circles and puffiness, soothes cracked skin, and takes care of hard-to-get-rid-of pigmentation.....

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