We use steam distillation to make our super pure rose water. Here’s how:

Rose petals are collected in a copper container as per the grade and strength required. The ‘grade’ refers to the type of flower and ‘strength’ refers to the ratio of flower petals to water. This container is then completely sealed so that the risk of contamination is minimized.


A fire is then lit below this container which causes the distilled water to convert into steam. This steam passes through the rose petals, which captures the essence and properties of the flower due to the high temperatures involved.


This steam passes through copper pipes into another compartment which is cooled continuously by external channels of cold water. This compartment is completely sealed, and the cold water aids the process of condensation of rose water vapours , which are then  collected at the bottom in  specially created containers.


This rose water is then emptied out and filtered with UV (ultraviolet) rays so that all microscopic bacteria is destroyed and the product is fit for human use.


For 100 litres of Rose Water, 50 kilograms of rose petals and 200 litres of distilled water are used.


For a 200ml bottle, approximately 100g of rose petals would be used. A full grown rose normally has about 20 – 25 petals which weighs about seven grams.  We use about 13 – 15 Roses ( approx. 300 rose petals) to make a 200ml bottle of rose water.