It has been a while since Kama Ayurveda has launched 4 new products together. After meticulous research, conceptualising, and planning, we are very pleased to introduce new Face Cleansers for acne-prone and sensitive skin, a Face Cream for sensitive skin, and an All Natural Makeup Remover.


If you are emotionally fatigued with constant bouts of acne, you will find this lightweight, dermatologically-tested Foam wonderfully comforting and confidence-boosting.

Neem is Sarva Roga Nivarini (‘Universal Cure for all Ailments’) and Arista (‘Perfect, Complete, Imperishable’). Tulsi or Holy Basil is Sattvic (‘Pure, Life-Giving, Transcendental’). These purifying and protective ancient botanicals are powerful adaptogens, in that they help your body regulate physiological and psychological responses to external stressors. Their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action protects your skin from environmental toxins. Tea Tree Essential Oil is an efficient astringent, minimising enlarged pores and providing a smoother textural appearance.


True to its identity, Kama has harnessed the power of mild, restorative plant-derived Salicylic Acid and Allantoin in this cleanser, from Wintergreen, and Comfrey respectively. Salicylic Acid exfoliates gently, by unclogging pores and shedding dead skin cells. The lipophilic nature helps control excessive sebaceous secretion, and consequent acne and blackheads. Allantoin acts as a non-irritating cleanser, encouraging and strengthening the proliferation of fresher, younger skin.


These ultra-gentle formulations are especially created to neutralise the physically uncomfortable, and emotionally distressing impact of painful inflammation, redness, and rashes.

Pure, aromatic Sandalwood Oil induces Saumanasya Janana (‘Mental Tranquility and Placidity’). In the cleansing foam, it cleans out stubbornly rooted acne, while in the lubricating day cream, it soothes and tones the site of infection. Pure, cooling Aloe Vera and Calendula heal damaged skin, lighten acne scars and pits, and restore lost glow.

These products also feature a unique, and ancient Asian medicinal remedy for anti-inflammation: the Poria Cocos mushroom, also known as Indian Bread. Poria Cocos is sweet-smelling, and softening, but with potent antioxidant powers to prevent cellular tissue destruction.

Apply your choice of face cleanser twice a day, or more, if you intuitively feel your skin needs it. We recommend Kama’s Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream, if you would like an alternative to the Sensitive Skin variant.


Natural Oils and Butters give this delightful, cathartic product its soft crème texture. Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, the Organic Olive, Jojoba, and Castor Seed oils, along with Shea Butter, prevent cellular breakdown, and give the skin enviable smoothness. These effortlessly melt away makeup, making your daily cleaning regime satisfyingly fuss-free.

Essential Oils of Rose and Jasmine, one of Kama’s signature, and popular aroma combinations act as antibacterial astringents and hydrators, toning the skin and arresting any early signs of ageing. Massage onto your skin gently, focussing on sensitive areas (eyelids), and stubborn makeup (lips). Wipe off only with a damp cotton pad or wash cloth. Incorporate into your makeup regime as a mandatory, healthy step for long-term vitality.

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