1. Bringadi Hair Cleanser

For hundreds of years, Ayurvedic wisdom has been used in daily hair care regimes to achieve long and beautiful hair. Maintaining a healthy scalp was recognized as an integral part of the rituals since it helped overall well being as well as proper hair growth. Ancient Ayurveda scriptures mention the use of natural hair cleansers like Hibiscus, Amla, Shikakai and Aloe Vera as well certain tree barks that are also effective natural cleanser for the hair. Inspired by the healing powers of Ayurveda, Kama Ayurveda brings you all-natural hair cleansers that have the goodness of flowers and plants, prepared according to formulations that go back 5000 years. Prepared with Cypress, Orange, Rose, Jasmine, Himalayan Deodar, Lavender, and more, these cleansers nourish the scalp and moisturise the tresses, besides keeping the infections and irritations at bay

The Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser by Kama Ayurveda has a unique blend of Hibiscus, Soy Beans, Amla, Deva Daru (Himalayan tree’s bark) and Aloe Vera. It is also SLS and Paraben free cleanser. These ingredients are used as natural remedies to boost strength, shine and volume in hair. Found in the Himalayan ranges, Deva Daru’s bark gives strength to the hair as it purifies it from the roots to the tips. Today, the biggest enemy of hair is pollution. It’s vital to keep a dirt-free scalp and the oil glands in check. The Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser is free of chemicals, fights dirt and prevents hair loss. And, it nourishes the hair follicles, and keeps the scalp free from bacteria, which means, dandruff doesn’t get to build up.

The Kesini Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Wash Powder by Kama Ayurveda contains Shikakai and Rose and both are ingredients that have been used since ages. Rose has a sweet fragrance and gives shine to the hair texture. Moong bean is another kitchen secret that has multiple beauty benefits. The Kesini Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Wash Powder is prepared with a unique blend of healing elements ranging from Basil to Green Gram, both of which are known for their antioxidant properties. This herbal hair powder also has the goodness of Vetiver that nurtures the hair well. The Kesini Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Wash Powder helps in maintaining the pH level of the scalp, prevents grey hair and dandruff, and promotes the growth of strong and silky hair.

The Rose and Jasmine Hair Cleanser by Kama Ayurveda has been made with botanical finds like Mogra and Rose. These flowers make this natural hair cleanser an ideal pick for a fragrant hair wash. Soy Beans, Aloe Vera and Hibiscus help fight inflammation and further shield the skin with antifungal properties.

For greasy or oily hair, the Sanobar Hair Cleanser is the best as it purifies the scalp, promotes hair growth and gives it a natural shine. The Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser makes your hair soft and smooth, soothes the scalp and has antiseptic properties as well.

Ayurveda gives much emphasis to all natural, botanical finds like Shikakai and Reetha for cleansing the hair and maintaining its shine. The goal is to look good through beauty regimens that soothe and rejuvenate the body. Kama is committed to the same goal – capturing the best of Ayurveda and offering beauty solutions that are lasting and holistic in nature.