Premature Graying

According to the oldest Ayurvedic texts, a good scalp massage with oils infused with a medley of herbs will ensure healthy hair with reduced hair fall and graying. For normal greying hair, Ayurveda suggests using herbal ingredients that retain the lustre and elasticity of the hair. Good skin and great hair are on everyone’s wish list. So it is understandable, why no one likes the streaks of white hair showing up in thick, a black mane. Worse still is premature grey hair, which is a common fallout of modern day stress and pollution. While there are several remedies for grey hair, nothing beats the centuries-old formulations of Ayurveda. Kama Ayurveda takes this age-old, traditional remedy and offers a natural treatment for premature grey hair that’s available in the pack of Kama Ayurveda’s Organic Hair Colour Kit

Awarded the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Top 100 awards, the Kama Organic Hair Colour Kit is organic, safe for home use, adds a layer of shine and protects hair from dust and pollution. It consists of Henna, which improves hair growth, reduces hair fall, controls dandruff and is a natural hair dye; Indigo, adds volume and a deep, dark colour to flat, greying hair. While other hair colorants are harsh on hair and eventually strip the hair of all nutrients and properties, this hair colour is purely natural, thus making it your best friend and secret keeper. Henna especially helps in balancing the pH level of the skin, which determines hair health as much as other environmental factors.

If you want a natural remedy for premature grey hair, you can go for the Organic Henna Powder by Kama Ayurveda. Henna is a natual colouring agent that will not only cover greys but also nourish and add a natural sheer to your tresses. The Organic Indigo Powder by Kama Ayurveda is another natural cure for premature grey hair. Indigo strengthens the hair follicles, boosts hair growth and adds volume to your locks. Natural dyes will make sure that your hair isn’t going through the adverse side-effects that usually come with the use of chemical substances.

The Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil by Kama Ayurveda helps control premature graying, dandruff and hair fall while maintaining the scalp hygiene and wellbeing. This traditional Ayurvedic hair oil for premature grey hair is one of the bestsellers of Kama Ayurveda. It consists of potent herbs extracted into pure Sesame oil and Milk. Also includes Indigo, Eclipta Alba and Gooseberry to promote hair growth. Anti-fungal Licorice and antibacterial Balloon Vine prevent scalp infections. The earthy scent of the oil has a calming, meditative effect that soothes frayed nerves, uplifts mood and aids in a good night's rest.

It is a misconception that Ayurvedic treatments for premature greying of hair are time consuming and are not really as effective as other available off the shelf beauty products. The beauty of Ayurvedic preparations like the classic Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil is that they work at a deeper level, soothing, balancing and restoring the hair. We cannot control the dust, pollution or the quality of food that we find around us, but we can definitely find more holistic and natural ways to cure prematurely greying hair!