An enchanting collection of fragrant essential oils and handmade candles to scent and harmonize your home.

Quick Overview
Pine Essential Oil - A crispy and woody essential oil that is known for evoking feelings of stability, energy, harmony and comfort. Cold pressed from Pine trees grown in the cool climes of Himachal in India, it has strong cleansing, restorative and antibacterial properties. Also treats an extensive range of skin and hair conditions while easing fatigue and depression.
Sweet Basil Essential Oil - A spicy, yet herbal nature of essential oil that calms and centres the mind while promoting focus and alertness. When used topically, it adds luster to dull-looking skin while also treating acne and scalp infections. Widely used in aromatherapy for to treat respiratory issues as well as tension and mental fatigue.
Paradiso Candle - A handmade candle that leaves the air scented with the clear notes of spice and citrus. The refreshing and enchanting notes of fresh Orange, warming Mace and crisp Lemon create this luxuriantly scented candle that envelop the air with a welcoming, oriental and elegant fragrance.
A refreshing home ambiance collection for gifting
Balancing and stress relieving
Rejuvenates the senses
What to expect:
A beautiful handmade gift box containing two balancing essential oils and a beautifully fragrant handmade candle.
Box Contains:
1 Pc Pine Essential Oil:12Ml
1 Pc Sweet Basil Essential Oil:12Ml
1 Pc Paradiso Candle:75Gm

How to Apply

For Home Fragrance: Pour a few drops of Pine/Sweet Basil Essential Oil onto a cotton ball and tuck into a corner of the room, refresh the cotton as required. Can also be used as a diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner.
For Skin, Hair and Body: To be used after diluting with a carrier oil such as Coconut, Almond and Sesame only. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil and blend well. Not for direct use on skin. Keep away from eyes. For external use only.
Paradiso Candle: Trim the wick and set it upright before every use. Always place the candle on a heat resistant surface. Do not move the candle while it is burning. Always extinguish the candle by blowing it out only. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from children and pets.

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