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Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil

Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil

A classic Ayurvedic treatment for face and body that re-texturises dry, irritated and sun damaged skin.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview
Prescribed in Ayurveda as a treatment for smooth, soft and clear skin, this oil treatment is formulated from natural herbs processed in pure Coconut milk and Sesame oil.helps clear up skin irritation and itching. It is an excellent after-sun remedy for sunburn, tanned or hyper-pigmentation. Contains Costus and Cardamom which are known for their 'Varneekarana' properties - the ability to enhance skin texture and treat irritation. Regular use results in healthier, softer skin that is visibly smoother and radiant.
Benefits :
• 100% Natural
• Reduces roughness and skin irritation
• Excellent after-sun remedy Repairs tan and hyper-pigmentation
• Nourishes and enhances texture
What to Expect
A rich and full-bodied treatment oil with a herbal and earthy scent. Requires massage for best results. Can be used on both face and body.

How to Use

How to apply

Take an appropriate amount onto palms and massage gently into skin until well-absorbed. Leave on for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild cleanser.



Regular use will balance oily skin conditions and tones the skin surface, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. This product is a herbal cleanser and skin polisher. Traditionally used after Ayurvedic treatments to clean skin, it can be used as an alternative to soap. Leaves skin noticeably smooth and glowing.A combination of finely powdered herbs, cereals, pulses and nuts with no harmful laurel sulphates. Softens and smoothes while effectively cleansing and exfoliating. Amongst its ingredients are oatmeal, green gram, almond, neem, turmeric and fennel.



Rich in Lauric Acid, Organic Coconut Oil provides immunity against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Rich in Vitamin E, it keeps the skin moisturised and healthy. Organic Coconut oil is rich in nutrients that soften, relieve dryness, removes dead skin and has natural antioxidants properties. Coconut oil makes a very effective conditioning treatment. It soothes dry sensitive skin or scalp and adds lustre to damaged hair.


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Ask Kama

Ask Question?

Q. What is this used for?

Question by: MANIK MALHOTRA on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. It is a face and body treatment for skin irritation, sun damage and itching.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. Will Jwalini oil remove sun tanning on my face?

Question by: MANIK MALHOTRA on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. This is an excellent oil to counter the effects of the sun including sun damage and also enhances skin texture.You can apply it any time when you are inside your home. If you are using it for the first time, leave on for just 10-15 minutes and rinse off.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. What is the difference between using Jwalini vs. Nalpamaradi for reducing sun damage to face? I have acne prone, dry skin with blotches of tan, and I live in Canada where weather is usually below 0. Considering the harsh climate conditions, which one of the 2 would you suggest? Kindly advise.

Question by: Charu on Feb 11, 2018 00:08:29 AM

A. For acne prone skin, we recommend our Acne Care Regime. A purifying and calming regime for acne and blemish prone skin. Once the acne subsides, you can try our Jwalini Skin Retexturing Skin Treatment. A classic Ayurvedic treatment for the face and body that re-texturises dry, irritated and sun damaged skin.

Answer by: Team Kama on Mar 15, 2018 11:35:26 AM

Q. Hi, I have some problems in my face like Black Mark's, openpons n pimples.... now i using night cream n toner only. I also do know that i am using correct way

Question by: Logeswary on May 29, 2018 16:22:13 PM

A. We recommend treating acne first with Anti Acne Cleansing Foam, Pure Vetiver Water and Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack. Once the acne subsides continue with Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jun 18, 2018 12:13:21 PM

Q. Can I use jwalini oil as a leave-on oil for the night and rinse off in the morning?

Question by: Sharmi on Oct 02, 2018 15:41:19 PM

A. Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment is recommended to be followed with a mild cleanser post 30 minutes of treatment, especially for the face, to leave overnight on dry, irritated parts of the body, patch test before use.

Answer by: Team Kama on Oct 18, 2018 10:11:59 AM

Q. I am trying to treat pigmentation on my cheeks but my skin gets red and swollen if I use saffron can you recommend a product of yours than can help thanks

Question by: Dianne on Nov 14, 2018 23:55:48 PM

A. Try Jwalini Retexturizing Skin Treatment a 100% natural, Ayurvedic treatment for dry, irritated skin, that repairs tan & pigmentation. Apply to cleansed skin, post thirty minutes follow with our Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam. Patch test as an added precaution.

Answer by: Team Kama on Dec 11, 2018 11:31:41 AM

Q. My age is 28. I have dark circles. I have black spot upper and under my lips.I don’t know why these black spot comes.please I need good treatment.

Question by: Tumpa on Dec 17, 2018 04:21:11 AM

A. We suggest Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream blended with Saffron to illuminate the complexion. Every evening post cleansing, spray Pure Rose Water and gently massage Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream to repair pigmentation, minimimize fine lines and lighten dark circles. Patch test before use. Not recommended for use on active acne.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jan 08, 2019 11:01:47 AM

Q. Is this suitable for oily skin

Question by: Ayaan on Jan 15, 2019 19:26:36 PM

A. Yes, Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment is suited for oily skin types. Cleanse post thirty minutes of treatment. Not recommended for use on active acne.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jan 24, 2019 11:19:48 AM

Q. what you recommend for enlarged pores on legs (strawberry legs) and also ingrown hair specially on legs?

Question by: krishnan on Jul 01, 2019 16:58:40 PM

A. For ingrown hair we suggest Neem Tulsi Tea Tree Scrub to slough away dead cells and unclog pores, while purifying with the anti-bacterial trio of Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree. Apply daily to moist skin, gently massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes and rinse clear. Spray Pure Rose Water to soothe and tone, while minimizing pores.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jul 09, 2019 07:22:15 AM


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