Men's Moisturizers

According to Ayurveda, skin problems can be tackled with naturally sourced ingredients that soothe and nurture skin effectively. Most modern men today are plagued by pollution, excess sun exposure, junk food and work-related anxiety, which affect the skin adversely. Ayurveda’s sacred texts suggest that all skin types stem from the Doshas we have in our body namely Vata, Kapha and Pitta, which originate from the five elements in nature. With Kapha Dosha, one’s skin is oily, cool and plump; Pitta Dosha makes your skin soft, oily and warm; and with Vata Dosha, one can have a delicate, dry and thin-textured skin. Imbalances in these Doshas can cause a variety of skin disorders like ageing, discoloration, acne, pimples, rashes, wrinkles and dark circles. Kama Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic moisturisers for men are recipes that are prepared by adhering to the basics of Ayurveda, and promote healthy, natural skincare

The main goal of Ayurvedic skincare is to restore the skin’s health by using natural ingredients. Our skin becomes irritated, dull and dry due to pollution, sun exposure, and other daily hazards. The key is to clean and moisturise it effectively. Blame it on long working hours, men tend to have tired eyes, and develop eye bags and dark circles. Ayurvedic natural creams and moisturisers for men repair damaged skin cells and provide the essential nutrients for cell regeneration using only organic products. Due to regular shaving, the skin becomes harsh and needs to be nurtured using natural, Ayurvedic products with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream for Men by Kama Ayurveda is ideal, and can be used as an after-shave treatment as well. This natural day cream for men gets its hydrating properties from Aloe Vera, and Coconut, Olive and Sesame Oils. It helps fade blemishes, marks and dark circles and repairs the skin. This natural face cream for men lends a calming effect, combats common skin problems and fights with the signs of ageing. This is one of the< best skin moisturiser for men to include in your morning routine that keeps your skin protected and hydrated.

The Skin Brightening Night Cream for Men by Kama Ayurveda offers an excellent night repair system. Packed with the goodness of Vetiver, Indian Lotus, Saffron, Mulaithi, Liquorice, Indian Madder and Aloe Vera, the night cream lightens the skin tone, stimulates cell growth, prevents dark circles and minimizes fine lines and delays signs of ageing. It also reduces pigmentation, clears blemishes and protects the skin from fungal and bacterial infections. All of this makes it a must-have natural overnight skin treatment for men.

It’s essential to nourish and replenish your skin with an Ayurvedic moisturizer for men made with pure, natural and organic ingredients that promote soft and supple skin. Ayurvedic principles advocate the usage of natural ingredients for maximum benefits, and it is Kama Ayurveda’s vision as well to use the same long-trusted Ayurvedic methods and bring them to you. Kama Ayurveda’s range of men’s body moisturisers is excellent picks to keep your skin hydrated for a long time.