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  • Acne Care Regime
  • One year before the wedding
  • Skin Brightening Regime
  • Foot Care Regime
  • Hair Care Regime
  • Daily Night Care Regime For Men
  • Daily Face Care Regime For Men
  • Daily Night Care Regime For Women
  • Daily Face Care Regime for women
  • Pregnancy Care Regime
  • Baby Care Regime
  • Three months before the wedding

In the ancient texts of Ayurveda, science and beauty go hand in hand. This holistic healing science banks only on natural ingredients sourced from plants and herbs to address your skin and hair needs. Today’s urban lifestyle can often disturb your immune system and cause visible damages on your skin and hair through pollution, junk food, sunrays and stress. Some of these problems, however, can be minimised if you follow a beauty regime sincerely. We understand that without a beauty expert, it can be difficult for you to think of options that can cure a hair or skin-related problem. Kama Ayurveda brings you a wide range of natural regimes that cater to women, expecting mothers, men, soon-to-be brides and even babies. These regimes include products that take care of you from head to toe. While some ensure glowing and smooth skin, others promise strong and silky hair to name a few...Read more

Set Descending Direction

13 Item(s)

Complimentary Head to Toe Set on purchase of Rs 2700
Pick your Favourite Full size product on purchase of Rs 4500