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Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser

Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser

A gentle foaming cleanser with a rich blend of Ayurvedic ingredients to effectively cleanse and lift away makeup and impurities.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview
A perfect hydrating face wash filled with natural ingredients, which gently and thoroughly clean skin and remove light makeup. Aloe Vera leaf juice heals and smoothens skin while antibacterial Vetiver root and Black Cumin seeds protect from pollutants. Deeply conditioning Jojoba Seed oil softens and rejuvenates skin, minimizes fine lines and promoting skin suppleness. The pure essential oil of Rose has excellent emollient and hydrating properties keeping the skin soft, young and moisturized. The pure essential oil of Jasmine is an effective toner and helps reduce skin marks and scarring with regular usage.
Benefits :
• 100% Natural
• Gently cleanses and tones
• Minimises fine lines
• Smoothens skin
• Removes light makeup
What to Expect
A floral scented, gentle facial cleanser that foams lightly. Cleans thoroughly leaving skin feeling hydrated, soft, and rejuvenated.

How to Use

How to apply

Use two to three pumps appropriate amount on damp skin. Lightly massage and rinse well with water and pat dry.


Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream:

This incredible Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night cream is a special blend of precious and rare ingredients to help illuminate the skin colour and promote cell growth. Our Ayurveda based formula is blended with the finest of Saffron from Kashmir to brighten your skin, reduce dark circles and pigmentation. Indian Madder and Aloe Vera has antiseptic properties which prevents fine lines and delays the process of ageing skin. Vetiver, and lotus cool and cleanse while helping clear blemishes. Liquorice, an antiseptic, protects against bacterial and fungal infections. A perfect leave in night treatment for youthful naturally radiant skin.



Vetiveria Zizanioides, also known as Vetiver, has roots that are bittersweet and aromatic in nature. The oil distilled from its roots is used in several cosmetic and aromatherapy products. It cures acne, dry skin, ageing skin, and skin irritation. Vetiver essential oil helps relax the body and mind.


6 Reviews - 97% reviewers recommend this product.

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A hydRati Singh Tehring face wash filled with natural ingredients

Keeping in mind that all Kama Ayurveda products are 100% pure , this face cleanser stood true to its word. I like the fact that it retains the moisture on my face. As this product also contains aloe vera leaf juice it felt hydRati Singh Tehring on my dry skin. Over all, this is a feel good product, its light on the skin and cleanses the face.Read more..

By Jas Sagu- Woman I love you / Posted on 9/12/2017
My Kama Ayurveda Skincare routine

"Every morning I wash my face with the Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser made of pure essential oils of rose and jasmine. This face cleanser is extremely gentle on the skin leaving it soft and smooth thanks to Aloe Vera leaf juice. Cleans the skin perfectly. I really enjoyed this product because you don’t feel that your skin is dry and tight after using it."Read more..

By Aurelie-Surface 85 / Posted on 9/12/2017
One of the cleansers that is gold for winter dryness

"A perfect face cleanser that smoothens your skins after usage and can even be used for removing light makeup. Also, what I loved is the lovely fragrance and the light foam that leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. So if you are looking for a soft cleanser that doesn’t dries your skin, this is a must buy."Read more..

By Aanchal Goel- mymultifaceteddiary / Posted on 9/12/2017
Lovely gentle cleanser from Kama Ayurveda.

"It smells of roses and khus (vetiver) and it is the most calming and relaxing scent! It feels really gentle and has a calming effect on inflamed/breakout prone skin. The skin feels really soft, moist and calm post wash and has a soft glow." Read more..

By Ankita- Corallista / Posted on 9/12/2017
very good quality

Nice Product

By Jack / Posted on 7/20/2017
Good Product

I am happy with product quality

By Kai / Posted on 7/20/2017

Ask Kama

Ask Question?

Q. Is it suitable for very sensitive skin?

Question by: ARITRA CHOWDHURY on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. Yes it is a very skin friendly face cleanser and can be used on sensitive skin as well.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. How frequently can I use this face cleanser?

Question by: ARITRA CHOWDHURY on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. One can use this face cleanser anytime in the day or night

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. Is this product suitable for eleven-year-old girl?

Question by: Grace on Apr 23, 2019 02:33:08 AM

A. Yes, Anti Acne Cleansing Foam is suited for use, to gently cleanse, while clarifying, to clear & prevent breakouts and refreshing with its aromatic foam.

Answer by: Team Kama on May 02, 2019 07:15:51 AM

Q. Will this cleanser be effective for dry skin?

Question by: Deeksha on May 27, 2019 04:55:54 AM

A. Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser is blended with Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera & Glycerin to gently, yet effectively cleanse dry skin types.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jun 03, 2019 07:53:59 AM

Q. Is it helpful for open pores?

Question by: Poo on Jun 29, 2019 16:30:14 PM

A. For enlarged pored we suggest including Pure Rose Water post cleansing and a bi-weekly treatment with Suvarna Haldi Chandan Brightening Face Pack blended with Multani Mitti, Oatmeal & Rose extracts to tighten enlarged pores.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jul 04, 2019 11:48:07 AM


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