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  • Lavanya Natural Plant Mask
  • NIMRAH Anti Acne Face Pack

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system that cures skin-related issues with powerful natural elements. Our skin has to fight various environmental damages like pollution and sun exposure. Which is why, since ancient times, women have been using natural masks to deep clean the pores and exfoliate the skin to achieve a healthy glow. These were skin remedies that worked wonders in keeping acne, pigmentation, aging, and other concerns at bay. Your skin needs constant care, and with natural masks, you can preserve your beauty for longer. Kama Ayurveda offers natural face packs that heal your skin and combat stubborn skin issues, the Ayurvedic way. These are natural, plant-based masks that carry medicinal properties, repair the skin's texture and keep a check on skin cell renewal as well...Read more

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2 Item(s)