Khus Soap: The fresh radiant scent stimulates , hydrates and brings a rather invigorating closure to your pre-bathing skin therapy session. The soap bath allows deep cleansing and also tightens the pores. It relaxes the skin post you massage and also aids in reducing inflammation if any due to its natural ingredient base. I do love the color must say which can vary as its natural but keep it safe and cool and it can last you a long time!!

Subhashish Mandal Designer

I always carry Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and apply it on my face throughout long flights. Or else cold pressed coconut oil. It does wonders to hydrate the skin.


Even kama's cold press coconut oil is a very effective oil for hair growth strongly recommended ayurvedic products

Meghna Khanna

I use Jwalini and Bringadi for the body and hair. These products are really good.

Sarbani Dutta

I just love this Rose Jasmine face cleanser by Kama, it is so gentle and mild on the skin.Totally love it.

Yamini Chauhan Sud

Bringadi hair treatment is something I swear by. No oil or treatment has yet been so effective.

Vaibhavii Gupta

I have started using Kama Baby soap on my little son & it's really gentle on his delicate skin. The best thing is its totally natural & fragrance free. Since it contains Coconut oil, it leaves his skin well moisturized. The Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil is also really nice as it contains a combination of a number of oils and we use it to massage him everyday. The Insect repellent spray is also great & we carry it to the park in the evenings & it really does a good job in keeping mosquitoes away from my son. The smell is nice & it actually feels like "aromatherapy" & not like any other insect repellant. Amazing products. My son seems to love bath time with his gentle Kama Ayurveda products.

Yogesh P Gaikwad

I'm highly satisfied by the Organic Neem Oil. Would recoomed this to anyone with itchy, dry skin. Thanks team for introducing this product to me!

Alisha Sharma

I am using Nalpamaradi Thailam along with Pure Rosewater for the past 2 weeks and it's already showing a clear difference to my skin. Thank you Kama Ayurveda!

Abha Goel

So far I have tried the Bringadi hair oil, Lemongrass essential oil , soaps, and face cleansers. Absolute ten on ten!

Meenu Renee Reen

I'ts been two weeks I have been using Nalpamaradi Thailam Skin Brightening Treatment. I love it, it really works and makes me feel really pampered.

Tania Sinha

Nalpamaradi: Amongst its many greats, it brightens dull skin, works on detanning and also removes pigmentation. Surprisingly its one of those few oils that you can use on your face as well.

Subhashish Mandal Designer

Both my dad and me suffer from dandruff.... but after using Bringadi hair oil, the visible flakes have drastically reduced. It also leaves my hair well conditioned and I donot need any conditioner after shampoo

Sushmita Dey

This is a awesome product have been using since 4-5 years.The cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil is a very effective oil for hair growth and would strongly recommend.

Meghna Khanna

The Foot Cream smells great & within two days of using it my feet look & feel soft. The Bringadi hair oil, I just used today and my hair is noticeably smoother and softer.

Nikita Dsouza

I am a huge fan of your products especially the Rose & Jasmine bodywash and Rose Jasmine facewash. But yesterday i bought the Jwalini oil for skin and body, from your bandra store and its amazing. I am so amazed at your products and even the interiors of your stores. I wish I could just rob your stores!

Garima Sharma

I'm using Eladi hydrating face cream and also the Organic Sesame oil and Bringadi oil on my hair. Kumkumadi Fluid, Nalpamaradi Thailam and Pure Rosewater have been favorites for more than a year - they are so amazingg, I'm never going to stop using this routine. I also recently tried a sample of the Jwalini Retexturising Oil and it's working wonders already!

Daksha Yadav

I've been using the Rejuvenating and Brightening Night Cream and can't go to bed without it. It has become a skin ritua for me.

Sukla Maity

Nalpamaradi Thailam Skin Brightening oil is absolutely great. I have been using it regularly and keeping it on for about 30mins each time...my skin has started to go back to its natural glow. Overall it has reduced my extreme tanning by almost 3 shades and my skin looks and feels amazing!

Isha Kaushik

I am using the Jwalini Retexturizing oil for my face and body. With regular usage, my skin has become visibly smoother, free of tanning and has a healthy glow. It's a must try product!

Tania Sinha

Love Kama Ayurveda products! My favourites are the Organic Almond Oil, all the soap bars and lip balms.

Kelly Kadambari Iralu

Sugandhadi: Guaranteed to reduce stress, remove aches and pains and aside from enriching the skin it helps with firming and toning. The rich mix helps with that natural herbal minty scent that only Kamas products usually have.

Subhashish Mandal Designer

Kama has some really nice products. Have just started using their hand cream, virgin coconut oil and loving them.

Ishita Khattar

It's working well. A great natural conditioner and also reduced my hairfall.

Shivali Singla

Your products are super awesome. I am using the Rose Jasmine Face cleanser. Best part of these products is that they are very light on the skin.

Devinder Kaur

Been using Bringadi for many years now. Excellent and awesome product.

Sangeeta Gupta

I'm in love with the Organic Neem Oil, it totally does what it claims.

Alisha Sharma

Nimrah Anti Acne face pack is an excellent face mask! Loved it!

Riddhi NG

Love the products, have used Pure Rosewater, Pure Lavender water and now also using the Pure Mogra water. Beautiful products that freshen and restore my skin.

Tshetz Tsez

Mridul face cleanser is the best product !! Gives such a great glow only after 2-3 minutes.

Megha Kapoor Mehra

Dwivedi The Bringadi hair oil is fantastic. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and the result is simply wonderful. Leaves my hair soft and smooth and to add to that, my hair fall is also much lesser than before.

Ekta Sharma Dwivedi