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An exquisite limited edition box that celebrates the alluring fragrance of precious Madurai Jasmine. Harmonize and scent your home this festive season with the lush, captivating scent of blooming Jasmine.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview:
1. Brass Incense Stick Holder -An intricately designed brass Incense stick holder with a hand beaten brass top and a steady stand. Ideal for the decorating your home during the festivities.
2. Madurai Candle -An opulent handmade candle with the iconic fragrance of Indian Madurai Jasmine. Made with handpicked fresh Madurai Jasmine, this candle infuses the air with its sweet and alluring floral notes while the soy wax burns gently with minimal soot.
3. Madurai Jasmine Incense Cones - A set of handmade incense cones scented with Madurai Jasmine, to perfume your homes while purifying the air.
4. Madurai Jasmine Diffuser Oil - A concentrated Madurai Jasmine diffuser oil to infuse your surroundings with a luxurious, blooming fragrance.
5. Madurai Jasmine Sachet - A fragrance sachet containing natural dried flowers and essential oil of Madurai Jasmine to freshen up and scent your cupboards, closets and luggage.
• A limited edition Madurai Mogra scented box with oils, candles,incense sticks & sachet
• Heady floral and fragrant
• Low smoking and slow burning
• Luxuriously permeating scent
What To Expect:
An exquisite handmade gift box containing luxurious Madurai Mogra scented candle, oils, sachets & incense sticks. Ideal for gifting during Diwali.
Box Contains:
1. 1 pc Brass Incense Stick Holder
2. 1 pc Madurai Candle
3. 1 pc Madurai Jasmine Incense Cones
4. 1 pc Madurai Jasmine Diffuser Oil
5. 1 pc Sambrani Incense Cones
6. 1 pc Madurai Jasmine Sachet

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Regardless of regional variations, Diwali is a time for exuberant excitement for some and contemplative resolve and prayerfulness for others. Either way, it’s an opportune time to plan new beginnings.....



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