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NIMRAH Anti Acne Face Pack

NIMRAH Anti Acne Face Pack

An anti-acne treatment that heals pimples and blackheads, reduces scars, improves skin tone and repairs inflammation.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview
A powerful, effective yet completely natural blend of Vetiver, Ashwagandha, Red Sandalwood, Coriander, Lodhra and Liquorice. The pack works as a treatment for acne, pimples and helps to reduce scars and dark spots. Ashwagandha decreases inflammation, swelling and discomfort while correcting early signs of ageing. Red Sandalwood brighten the complexion and also lightens post-acne scarring. The antibacterial properties of Coriander seeds act as effective treatment for blackheads and prevents hyperpigmentation.
• 100% Natural
• Non-foaming and non-drying
• Heals active acne and pimples
• Repairs scarring and swelling
• Effective as a spot treatment
What to Expect
A coarse, herbal powder that transforms into a wet paste to effectively clear away acne and signs of acne.

How to Use

How to apply

Mix 1-2 teaspoons with water or Pure Rosewater (for oily skin) or buttermilk (for dry skin) to form a paste. Apply to moist skin. Leave on until the paste has dried. Tingling may occur due to rich herbal concentration. Allow to work for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Can be used daily.


Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream:

This incredible Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night cream is a special blend of precious and rare ingredients to help illuminate the skin colour and promote cell growth. Our Ayurveda based formula is blended with the finest of Saffron from Kashmir to brighten your skin, reduce dark circles and pigmentation. Indian Madder and Aloe Vera has antiseptic properties which prevents fine lines and delays the process of ageing skin. Vetiver, and lotus cool and cleanse while helping clear blemishes. Liquorice, an antiseptic, protects against bacterial and fungal infections. A perfect leave in night treatment for youthful naturally radiant skin.


Vetiveria Zizanioides:

Also known as Vetiverhas roots that are bittersweet and aromatic in nature. The oil distilled from its roots is used in several cosmetic and aromatherapy products. It cures acne, dry skin, ageing skin, and skin irritation. Vetiver essential oil helps relax the body and mind.


3 Reviews - 93% reviewers recommend this product.

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Its really anti acne....

Very effective for my acne-prone skin... I could see is amazing effect within a week of usage... No new acne formation...

By Gunpreet / Posted on 2/17/2017
mild yet effective!!

I use this every alternate day to control oil, acne and sunburn. It's mild, herbal yet quite effective.

By Sneha / Posted on 12/1/2016
Controls acne on sensitive combination skin.. Good product

Controls acne on sensitive combination skin.. Good product

By Anu / Posted on 11/20/2016

Ask Kama

Ask Question?

Q. How frequently can I use Nimrah Anti Acne face Pack?

Question by: SHIVANI KUMARI on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. Nimrah Anti Acne face Pack can be used on active acne 3 to 4 times in a week. Leave it on for 10 to 15 mins on your face and rinse it off with water.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. I don’t have pimples, but my skin is uneven toned, will this mask help to give it even toned skin?

Question by: SHIVANI KUMARI on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. This mask is not only for pimples but gives you even toned skin, lightens sun tanned skin and gives your skin a glow.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. Is it ok to use on sensitive skin?

Question by: rms on Oct 15, 2016 16:48:16 PM

A. Yes, it can be used on sensitive skin too.

Answer by: Team Kama on Oct 19, 2016 09:09:13 AM

Q. I am using this pack alternate days, can I use for dark circles also?

Question by: Anu on Dec 24, 2016 07:41:08 AM

A. NIMRAH Anti Acne Face Pack can help reduce dark circles. However, it is recommended to avoid immediate eye area and use not more than once a week. For dark circles we recommend Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Ayurvedic Night serum prescribed for dull, pigmented, damaged and aging skin.

Answer by: Team Kama on Feb 07, 2017 12:22:06 PM


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