Organic Hair Color Kit

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An excellent, all-natural hair conditioning and coloring kit that adds body, richness and shine.

"Organic Hair Color Kit covered my greys completely. I am really happy with the color & texture of my hair -Sameera Reddy"


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Kama Ayurveda’s Powders are 100 % Natural, certified by Lacon India Pvt. Ltd. We understand that different skin and hair types react differently with a natural product. We recommend that you conduct a skin patch or hair strand safety test before all-over application.

How to Apply

Mix the Henna and Indigo Powders in 2 separate bowls, and apply separately per instructions below.


• Soak the Henna Powder in Tea Water or Coffee Water overnight, to ensure maximum release of the pigment.
• The next day, apply the Henna Blend first, for 90 – 120 minutes or more, depending on preferred intensity. Add Egg or Yoghurt for additional conditioning.
• Rinse thoroughly with Water only, repeating as many times as you intuitively need, and dry. Do not use shampoo.


• Soak the Indigo Powder in warm Water overnight, to ensure maximum release of the pigment.
• Apply after washing off the Henna Blend, for 90 – 120 minutes, or more. The longer you leave this Blend on, the darker your hair will be.
• On the next day, apply the paste on clean, product-free hair for 60 – 90 minutes, depending on preferred intensity.
• Wash thoroughly, with shampoo. Or, rinse with Water only, and use shampoo the following day, to let the colour settle into your strands.

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