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Thanks kama Ayurveda

By: mukesh on Feb 04, 2021

Excellent Product

I have been using this product from past 6 months and every time it gives perfect result. Feel clean and moist and glow after using this scrub. Everyone should try it. :)

By: Archana on Jun 12, 2020



By: Kanika on Oct 17, 2018

Really moisturising and brightening scrub

This scrub really brightens and moisturises your skin...Best Scrub ever.....My favorite one from Kama Ayurveda. Everyone should give it a try

By: Sonam Vikal on Sep 01, 2018

Its an awesome product.

Started my regime with this scrub.smells divine

By: karthu on Apr 18, 2018

Best exfoliating product ever

Pros: 1.Gentle on skin 2. Cleanses, soothes and refreshes 3.moisturises amply 4. Softens and imparts a natural glow. 5.last but not the least. Its 100% natural. Nourishes your skin unlike any other product and results are prompt. Cons: none

By: Aditi on Apr 13, 2018

I have been using this for over a year now.The consistency of the product is thick and it is very gentle on skin and never dries out.With regular use improves skin tone.

An amazing product..

By: Mala on Mar 06, 2018

Loved the product

I just loved this scrub.For review checkout my video - on my youtube channel ShilpiAroraVerma

By: Shilpi on Feb 17, 2018

There are a few Indian brands that we as Indians are extremely proud of. One of them is Kama Ayurveda.Their passion towards offering the authentic Ayurvedic products clearly shines through their products. I have to share some of the best products from their range. Would love to know your favourites from the brand as well.

By: MR.MEGHWAL on Jan 31, 2018

A Scrub that will tingle others after seeing you...!!!

I have an oily skin and had been using many many many products just to control oil on face. Well I would say very late I came across Kumkumadi brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub but as a saying in Hindi language "Der Aaye Durust Aaye"...!!! Guyz and galz... Just go for it...!!! I bet you will not use any other company's scrub in your life. This scrub perfectly controls oils on your skin, smooths skin and gives a good amount of glow on a very first time use. You will fall in love with other Kama products if you will start using this one as your first testing product. I think I have spent around 25,000 INR for various KAMA products after buying this scrub and now it's all my family's daily skin drivers. Thank you Kama.

By: Ketan Aagja on Nov 01, 2017

Best of kama

I swear you can't find a better scrub than this.. Although it's pricey.. It will never disappoint you for what u paid.. It makes ur skin look bright,, soft and supplements after the first usage only

By: Pooja on Oct 01, 2017

It feels extremely luxurious on the skin!

"It is gentle on the skin too and does not strip it of moisture. It additionally delivers a radiant complexion, “illuminating” it from within, just as claimed. I only need a small amount of it at a time so the 50g jar will last me quite a few months. I always spritz my face with the Kama rose water post using this scrub, which further relaxes and soothes a freshly exfoliated skin." Read more.

By: Reetuparna Saha-Ambersity on Jul 11, 2017

Kama Ayurveda’s Organic Essentials for Beauty

"It is not too harsh on the skin and leaves it glowing for a long period of time. " Read more..

By: Little Black Book on Jul 11, 2017

My Staple Face Scrub

"It has a nice texture – not too mild, a little bit gritty. It works in shedding away excessive dead skin cells without drying my skin and gives a refreshed, glow to it and my face feels smoother and clearer even after just one use . Kudos for the wooden spatula, its so convenient to apply. This is pretty much my staple face scrub now and ensures all those gritty blackheads get gently exfoliated."Read more..

By: Mehak- Peaches and Blush on Mar 09, 2017

Best Product from Kama Ayurveda

"It helps in lightening brown spots or acne scars. A definite on this top 10 list."Read more..

By: Rati Singh Tehri- Indian Make up and beauty blog on Mar 09, 2017

My personal favorite!

"In addition to being my personal favourite, the Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub is also a favourite of those at Vogue India. It was recently awarded the title of the Best Exfoliating Product by the magazine. Another one of those well known oils, Kumkumadi is known for it’s many beneficial properties such as those that help in illuminating the complexion, repairing pigmentation and minimising fine lines and other signs of ageing. This creamy skin exfoliator is enriched with Kashmiri saffron, sweet almonds and many other rare ingredients that combine together to give you a glowing skin."Read more..

By: Urvashi Kumar- The Right Shade of Red on Mar 09, 2017


It is excellent. A scrub and a moisturisers rolled into one. Just a little pat is enough for the face. I do wish it wasn't a glass jar.

By: Laxmi on Feb 22, 2017

Reduced blackheads!!!!

Gentle and effective on the skin... Skin feels soft and supple after usage...

By: Gunpreet on Feb 17, 2017

Best Skin Care Product

I was looking for an effective skin care product to get rid of the pimple marks on my face and got this Kumkumadi skin brightening ayurvedic face scrub from Kama Ayurveda. I would say it worked wonders for me and made my skin spotless just in a few months. It is really awesome product for skin care. It also makes skin naturally glowing by cleansing and moisturizing it.

By: Raaz on Jan 21, 2017