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Satisfied with the product

I bought it for my pigmented skin. And it really works in removing pigmentation. It doesn't work immediately .It takes time but works what it claims. It moisturized skin without making it oily and the smell, colour all are natural. Loved the product

By: Jhumpa on Dec 17, 2021

Worked well on my hypersensitive skin

I have very highly sensitive and acne prone skin so I have been very scared to use any cream on my face. I got a sample of this night cream from Kama and thought of giving it a try after reading all the positive reviews. To my surprise, the cream seemed effective from first application itself. After two months of use, my skin feels hydrated, looks brighter and smoother than before. It seems to work on the acne scars too, but I will post another review on that after few more months of use.

By: Sonam on Dec 11, 2021

Best night cream ever

First I got the product as free for akashini kit,but when I started using it for few days , I could find the difference in my face and people started noticing it.My skin became more brighter and supple.Now I have ordered the cream again.Best cream ever without any side effects.Kudos to the entire team

By: Rekha on Nov 06, 2021


No Doubt Kama Ayurveda products are best and I have been using them since long, but this was the first time I have order from your official store website and luckily due to offers I got many trail sample products but when delivery came all happiness goes down to vanish as I received all foot creams, hand cream and foot scrubber instead of rose water, nalpamaradi thailam and night cream mini such a disappointment.

By: shreya j on Sep 18, 2021

Nice cream

Firstly I was not aware about the product.... And I got pimples because I have oily skin... But Dr. Aruna one of the memeber of kama ayurveda... She is really very sweet and helpful... She helped me a lot.... And she is guiding me how should I use the products and I hope I will get best results in future

By: Meenakshi on Sep 09, 2021

Amazing cream - worth buying

I tried using sample pack and was very much amazed with the difference in look. i have pigmentation below my eyes towards chin area and uneven skin too. By application of this cream my pigmentation mark have started vanishing and skin tone has become noticeably clear. Thanks to Kama Ayurveda for providing such a great product. Worth buying this night cream:)

By: Sanchita on Aug 31, 2021

Good one but, costly one.

Best cream for lightening acne scars and blemishes.

By: tejaswini on Jun 23, 2021

Love it

Very nice

By: Keya on Jun 07, 2021

Kama ayurveda night creme

Definately you will see the results, i had use it once and am completely satisfied. Buying it again. Suoerb results

By: pooja on May 26, 2021

Best Cream Ever

I've read so many reviews on the product and always thought it's just good influencer marketing! But it clearly was too as I went ahead and made the splurge after one of my friend told how amazing their products are! This magic cream clearly sticks to what it says! Rejuvenated skin by morning and infact till late in the evening!!! My skin becomes so dull by end of the day that it makes me look super tired .. now it's lit all day long without doing anything else !! A must I suggest for anyone I have super dry skin and is amazing! The smell is bad but I can live with it for the way it makes my skin look next day morning

By: Sadhana on May 20, 2021

Favourite night cream

This is my third bottle and I absolutely love this night cream. I have combination skin and not much acne. I’ve been using this night cream since past 5 months and I did see changes in my skin. It makes your skin glow and remove blemishes gradually. The results do not show immediately maybe because it’s all natural, but if you’re consistent then you’ll absolutely love it.

By: Deepika on May 09, 2021

Best Night cream

It is moisturizing and at the same doesn't make your skin greasy. I always had this issue with other night creams that I used to feel very sweatie but this night cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and it has made my skin radiant.

By: Seetha on Apr 30, 2021

Best product ever

I have tried many products to reduce my dark circles. But none gave effect and wasted money. But this product is a life saver. Thank u kama for reducing my dark circles. Awesome products.

By: Sharmi on Mar 16, 2021


Thanks our kama ayurveda

By: mukesh on Feb 04, 2021

Must have!! Absolutely loved it.

I had a sensitive and dull skin and I received this product as a gift from my best friend. This is the best thing happened to me. I could see the results in two-weeks time. Texture is very smooth and a little quantity is enough to cover the whole face. I would recommend to use this product without any doubt. This is a blessing. !

By: Teju on Aug 12, 2019


I have very acne prone sensitive skin with wheatish complexion and I was looking for a good night cream from a long time. My search ended at "Kama Ayurveda's REJUVENATING & BRIGHTENING AYURVEDIC NIGHT CREAM". I first dampen my skin with Kama's pure rose water on my face and then use this cream in small quantity in dots and spread it all over my face and neck with little massage. A small quantity is enough to cover my face and unlike many other reviewer's experience, this cream has gets absorbed in my skin in just 5-8 seconds. It has not broken out my skin so far and I am using it since last 2 weeks now and I am able to see a noticeable glow on my skin. I sure am going to buy it again. Its a blessing :) Thank you Kama Ayurveda!!

By: Mansi on Jul 20, 2019

Amazing solution to skin issues.

I had a bout of bad acne due to certain health issues. And they left a lot of scars. I was already using hair care products from Kama ayurveda and thought of getting the night cream as well. After using this cream for almost 3 months, I started noticing visible difference in my skin. It gave a healthy glow and at the same time hydrated my skin and since then, I have had no breakouts.

By: Suparna on Jul 01, 2019


I didn't like it's smell but it works good on skin well I ordered a sample because of that I can't find major results but its consistency is very good a little one goes a long way

By: kee on Jul 03, 2018


Does what it says

By: Leena on May 30, 2018

Awesome product for oily and dusky skin.

This cream is awesome and it gives a visible result in few days.Acne blemishes just faded off.

By: RIA on May 27, 2018

I love this night cream! Thank you Kama

This cream is incredible!! I have been using this cream since the past 3 years & it's doing wonder to my skin. Even though it has a creamy texture but I use it through out the year be it summer or winter as it gets absorbed in my skin so nicely. The healing properties of this cream is wonderful. Be it taking care of blemishes, signs of aging or overall brightening of complexion. This is a wonderful food for skin.

By: Debashree Nandi on Apr 24, 2018

effective cream...

it's really effective night cream... specially for dark circle, after using this cream I feel my skin soft smooth and fresh....I used this product from last two months...

By: priya.... on Jan 20, 2018

Worth the cost and must try

This product suits all skin types since I have a sensitive skin and it has worked wonders . I would definitely recommend ,altho it’s costed high but the cost is worth it . Do try .

By: julia on Jan 18, 2018

Get it now!

I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat! One of the best night-creams I have used. It works very well for my combination skin & having used it for a while now, I can confidently claim it works!

By: Sonu on Jan 12, 2018


Amazing product , a must have for people with sensitive skin like me. Every night after application u feel good as it smells like saffron and mornings when u get up u feel good again as ur skin looks hydrated and fresh. U sleep beautiful U get up beautiful

By: Pooh on Oct 29, 2017

Must Try

I tried it as a sample first & now I am a loyal user. Great product! Spreads easily, is absorbed easily, is not greasy/sticky. Visibly even tone & lesser break-outs.

By: Sonu on Sep 13, 2017

Highly Recommended--- Love this Product

I am in Love with this Night cream... It's been 2 weeks i am using this product.. I am really happy with the results... It is an all in one night cream that helps my skin to fight pigmentation, dullness and my skin looks more brighter than before. It helps to leave my skin hydrated all night long. I will highly recommend this product...

By: Manisha on Apr 18, 2017

Leave your skin hydrated all night long!

"The night cream is a blend of rare ingredients that help in skin illumination and cell growth. It is a blend of finest Saffron from Kashmir that even helps in reducing dark circles. It is an all in one night cream that helps your skin to fight pigmentation, dullness and ageing." Read more..

By: Aanchal Goel- mymultifaceteddiary on Mar 09, 2017

Worth it!

After the regular application for weeks, I have started seeing results. My face looks brighter and clear.

By: Shwetha on Feb 27, 2017

incredible night cream

A must have product in my night care routine!

By: Sameer, Raipur on Feb 16, 2017

Awesome Product

A Kama product I cannot live without! I have been using it for the past 3 years now!

By: Sameera, Goa on Feb 16, 2017

Product to treat your dark circles

This is an incredible ayurvedic night cream for bright complexion and relived aging signs. The night treatment works wonders and impeccable promotes cell growth. This ayurvedic night cream is effective for every skin type and repairs pigmentation, relieves dark circles and removes signs of aging.

By: Ragini on Jan 21, 2017

Very good product

Excellent product, does what it says. It gives a very good youthful glow, skin looks very fair and beautiful. A must try product!

By: Tejaswini on Jan 17, 2017

Very good product

Excellent product,does what it says. It gives a very good youthful glow, skin looks very fair and beautiful. A must try product!

By: Tejaswini on Jan 17, 2017


I used this night cream when on holiday in the high altitudes of Ladakh. It was excellent and in spite of the dry weather left my skin very hydrated.

By: Laxmi on Oct 25, 2016

I have sensitive skin and this night cream works wonder for my skin. I was a little skeptical in using this product at first. Because, my skin type is combination and I was not very willing to try out any cream based products. But this night cream proved

I have sensitive skin and this night cream works wonder for my skin. I was a little skeptical in using this product at first. Because, my skin type is combination and I was not very willing to try out any cream based products. But this night cream proved me all wrong! It improved the texture of my skin to a great extent, making my skin look bright & healthy. I am a loyal user of this cream for the past 2 years now.

By: Debashree on Oct 14, 2016