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Fantastic products

Fantastic products,Henna & Indigo ThankYou KAMA for providing us chemical free products Very satisfied 5/5

By: Shaukat Roushan on Jul 10, 2021

Recommend the product

Absolute and effective solution for hair colour. You will know the difference only when used. Good texture to hair, long lasting colour- very natural. Easy to use

By: Smruthi on Nov 16, 2020

7 stars

Absolutely wondrous , 100% toxin free , only two ingredients , natural henna and natural indigo All that’s required from us is patience and use it as per the instructions

By: Raj on Oct 06, 2019

Steps to follow to color your hair black

Guys it actually works ...i know some people may be getting bad result like reddish brown hair after following every step, but you have to follow these simple steps that worked for me :- Step 1- mix the henna powder with tea water and some lemon juice(optional) in a metal bowl(optional) and cover it and rest it for the whole night Step2- Next day apply the henna mix on your hair and keep it for 2-4 hours Step 3- After that wash your hair and let your hair dry . Step 4- Then mix indigo powder in a bowl with water and some drops of coconut or any oil . Step 5-Apply the indigo mix to your hair as soon as you mix it don't keep it for much longer and quickly apply to your hair. Step 6- Keep the indigo mix on your hair for more than 4 hours and wash it off and you will get black hair. Believe me it works.

By: Manu on Aug 13, 2019

Awesome product very safe and I recommend it to all

Awesome product and very safe to use on human happy me

By: Margatamani on Jul 12, 2019

I have tried this product since i wanted to use something natural for my hair. I am in my 30's & have quite a few grey strands. I used the henna + indigo kit & the results were just awesome. Love the colour & texture of my hair now. The indigo has coloure

Awesome product!!

By: Anu on Mar 01, 2019

Excellant Product. Loved it!

Excellent product! Completely satisfied. Ordered my 2nd kit today. If you follow the directions properly you will surely get the desired results and black color. Post application and rinsing hair are so well conditioned. Highly recommended in place of chemical based hair colors

By: Rohit on Jun 16, 2018

Great for allergic and sensitive scalps

I bought this for my mom after she found this product online. It is working really well. She has extremely sensitive skin and scalp that has extreme reactions to chemicals. This kit has effectively covered grey hairs and there is no breakout or allergic reaction. This is my 2nd purchase and we will be ordering more.

By: Debashri on Mar 26, 2018

The kit was v.good

Hai I recently bought the kit containing henna & indigo. I have used it for the first time n have done the 2 step process. It was really good, no itching as I normally get. Also it covered my grey hair. But the price is really high. If u could reduce it, may be more people wil buy.

By: Susan on Feb 20, 2018

Excellent hair colouring kit

Excellent product for gray coverage..... after using chemicals for years ultimately found a good natural hair colouring kit that actually colours naturally..... very satisfied with the product.

By: mini on Jan 26, 2018

Excellent to get natural hair color

I read a lot about this product including all 'ask kama queries' finally bought and tried this and have been extremely happy with the results. I'm 31 and have never coloured my hair but ws troubled with ample greys. Its been over two weeks now and still it looks great. Will be surely sticking to it. Thank you KAMA!

By: Radhika on Mar 10, 2017

Excellent natural hair coloring product

I brought this product for my husband as to avoid chemical coloring. I am fullly satisfied with the results and quite happy to use natural coloring pack. I thank Kama Ayurveda for bring this product.

By: meenakshi on Jan 08, 2017