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Lush hair growth

I was very sceptical before buying this product but after my first purchase I don’t think so i will move back to any other hair oil. This hair oil is magic. I have seen a huge difference after using this hair oil for a month. Must buy.

By: Aquib on Mar 21, 2021


It works like a magic on your hairs. Just use it like description and you will definitely see the difference. I wish i could upload pictures here. I used to loose chunk of hair everytime when i comb, oiling or bathing but now its 10-12 strands which i think is normal . Its a great product. I am definitely gonna try more.

By: Priya on Nov 20, 2020


Yes it reduces hair and all hair problems..its works very well...

By: Sowmya on Nov 10, 2020

Very attractive and effective hair oil.

This oil is genuinely effective and it gives a black shine and thickness to the hair. Impressed with the result of the product and cost wise its on a lower version

By: Mrunal on Jan 23, 2020


I recently got this Bringadi Hair Oil and have used twice till date, however, the instant effect and feel this product has.. made me write a positive review about it in a go. It doesn’t have sticky element to it while application and gets washed off easily with any mild shampoo.

By: Prachi on Nov 09, 2019

Miracle Oil

Amazing hair oil, I found it expensive but had to buy on my friends recommendation ordering my second bottle, even my mother is in love with this we have frizzy and curly hair with every use its making hair manageable.

By: Monika on Oct 23, 2019

Wonderful oil

Best oil for hair growth and also no need to use conditioner after shampoo.

By: poulami on Sep 23, 2019

Miracle Product

I have a very long hair from couple of years my hair lost it shine and I got heavy dandruff problem, every day after bath my dandruff was clearly visible in my hair and shoulders, it was very embarrassing. My brother had ordered this oil for himself and some how my mother thought of applying it to my hair. Within a week I have seen the difference in the dandruff, I must say the dandruff is reduced more than 95% and my hair look more shiny. I would Strongly Recommend this product to anyone with dandruff issues. Thanks to kama ayurveda for such an Amazing and genuine product. I am using the second bottle of this hair oil and look forward to use it continuously.

By: Nausheen on Aug 19, 2019

All rounder hair oil

Its really an amazing product from kama, it has reduced my hairfall and also frizziness. Not only that it has also worked on my dandruff head and irritation also. Its authentic one. I loved it.

By: Vijaya on May 16, 2019

Hair feels stronger and is definitely rid me of hair fall. Would recommend using this in a jiffy. ( also use the cleanser and conditioner’s which works brilliantly )

love all the products I have tried

By: divya on May 15, 2019

Excellent Hair Oil

Best Hair Oil. My search ended here at Kama. I like everything herbal and chemical free. I have been using this hair oil for almost a year now and it really works. This hair oil is very effective on dandruff and pre mature greying of hair. I bought first trial sample and was really impressed. Then 100ml and now using 250ml bottle. It is also a natural conditioner thats the best part. I'm sure I would never go for any other hair oil now.

By: Anagha on Sep 21, 2018

best best best

i used this oil first time.. n i got surprised. its a wonderfull result.. no hairfall in 1st use

By: teena on Sep 13, 2018

Best hair oil

This oil really helped me regarding my hairfall issues. I'm so satisfied with my purchase as I could see effective results within a week.

By: dhvani on Aug 22, 2018

Perfect solution for hair fall

I love this product my hair fall has reduced and the quality has improved a lot. Worth a try

By: LP on May 30, 2018

I love this oil.

I’ve used this oil and love it. It has reduced hair fall a bit. I’ve given it a rating of 3 only because I’ve been using it for 3 months. I need some more time and plus I expected hair growth as well. I will write another review by the end of this year.

By: Anupama Rao on May 20, 2018

It is an awesome product must be used.

After delivery of my baby boy there was lot of hair breakage and fall.Even my scalp was full of thick layer of dandruff within a day.I tried olive oil with ginger but all of waste.When I tried bringandi intensive hair oil there was drastic change.

By: Swati on Apr 30, 2018

Hair Saviour! Must have.

Though I've never undergone any chemical treatments I have very frizzy, dry and lifeless hair, especially the tips. I came across this brand while I was looking up online for good hair oil. I started noticing improvement since the first use. Now I'm almost done with my first bottle and my hair texture has changed miraculously. My hair is smooth and manageable even if I skip conditioner. I'm so grateful and in love with the KAMA AYURVEDA BRINGADI INTENSIVE HAIR TREATMENT OIL.

By: Krishna on Apr 02, 2018

Definitely worth it

Best Hair oil I have ever used. Definitly No hairloss, No Dandruff, definitely prevents premature greying..

By: Vivek A. on Mar 19, 2018

Helps removal of dandruff & Premature greying...Overall its good for all hair problems.

I started looking for oil bcoz in winters I usually have problems with dandruff. My hair also lost their shine and were dull & dry. After using and changing different shampoos I realised its of no use, If you dont use right oil and shampoo. Bringadi oil is my discovery when I really got tired . I first ordered sample products and was really impressed. My second hair wash showed me results...No more dandruff. I use this oil for couple of hours and then wash it of using mild anti-dandruff shampoo. This hair oil gives u that shine , texture and smoothness. Loved it.

By: Anagha on Jan 06, 2018

My hair fall got reduced after started usind kama bringadi hair grows well.thanks to kama:)

Best one for hairfall

By: Priya on Dec 17, 2017


One of the best hair treatment oil I came across. This is a must buy for any sort of hair roughness, dandruff, frizzy hair. i would recommend applying it and leaving it on overnight.

By: Gunjan on Dec 04, 2017

Amazing oil

This is one amazing oil. Heard about this on Nykaa, and it is all the rage there. I gave it a try and I can feel the difference from first use. It is now a staple in my cupboard. Also, try using it with castor oil and it will work wonders for your hair!

By: Swati on Nov 28, 2017

Loved it

This hair oil actually removed dandruff and reduced hair fall drastically. Plus it has conditioned and reduced premature greying.

By: Piu on Nov 03, 2017

Miracle hair oil

This oil is a miracle. I have been using it for few months now. My hair fall has almost stopped- this was the primary reason I wanted to buy this oil. Additionally, my hair looks a much darker black now...I think its the oil! My scalp texture has improved and so has the volume of my hair. Thank you Kama Ayurveda for digging into these age old secrets and giving us this beautiful product. I am in absolute love with the smell. Highly recommend this product to anyone facing any hair problems.

By: ADITI on Oct 26, 2017


Amazing hair tonic. Must for everyone.

By: Aditi on Sep 29, 2017

Very effective

I was been suffering from dandruff and hair thinning, after two application i could see the difference.

By: Preeti on Sep 16, 2017

I am happy using Bringadi Intensive Hair Oil :)

I was worried to try any products for hair, as i am scared if i have too much of hairfall. I heard Bringadi Intensive Hair Oil works out well with all types of hair. And it worked out. Thank you KAMA :) :)

By: Sushma on Aug 22, 2017

Food For The Mind, Body & Soul

"I settled on the Bringadi Intensive Hair Oil, which acts as a natural conditioner for dry and damaged hair, fights dandruff and prevents hair loss." Read more..

By: Little Black Book on Jul 10, 2017

give it a try

A must try product for your hair loss problems.

By: Shweta on Jul 01, 2017

I am in love with this hair oil.

I have seen a huge difference to my hair growth. As far as my hair fall problem, it got reduced to an extent. when I use this, my dandruff stays in control. But you have to use it regularly to see a difference.

By: Soumi on Jun 29, 2017


Best oil I have ever used

By: ravdeep on Apr 23, 2017

All in one solution!

It is the perfect way to get rid of any hair problems.

By: Dharak on Apr 10, 2017

rating 5 star

Hair is looking so thick now! YESS this is the result I got. Thanx kama ayurveda.This is the very good product.

By: Hemangini on Apr 05, 2017

An excellent Product

This is an excellent hair oil I ever used...I think all my hair problems were resolved because of this..

By: Indrani on Mar 20, 2017

Favorite Hair Oil

"My mom swears that this has helped her reduce hair fall. I will say that this is my favourite hair oil before any shampoo. It moisturizes and nourishes from the root and my hair look shiny and glossy !"Read more..

By: Mehak- Peaches and Blush on Mar 09, 2017

Best Product from Kama Ayurveda

"If you are facing hair fall, or premature graying, you NEED to try this hair oil. It also conditions your hair. Personally, my family swears by it." Read more..

By: Rati Singh Tehri- Indian Make up and beauty blog on Mar 09, 2017

A total keep for all your hair problems!

"Winter dryness is the main cause for dandruff and luckily this oil came just in time. It surely does keeps your locks nourished and shining, though the fragrance is not appealing but then half an hour application doesn’t really bothers you. It is also recommended if you are having seasonal hair fall."Read more..

By: Aanchal Goel- mymultifaceteddiary on Mar 09, 2017

Prevents hairloss and premature graying

"I have always heard of the benefits of Brigandi oil from my grand mother but I have never had the opportunity to try it in my childhood. This product is a strong concoction of Indigo, Bringraj and Amla and it’s the reason behind the long, lustrous dark hair of our country folk." Read more..

By: Urvashi Kumar- The Right Shade of Red on Mar 09, 2017

hairfall reduced drastically

If you are facing severe hair loss like I used to, then Bringadi is THE PRODUCT you need to have your hands on. Within a week's time, my hairfall reduced drastically. I am in love with this product!

By: Kiran Kapur, Banking Professional, Chandigarh on Feb 24, 2017

highly recommended

for someone way lost way too much hair since last 8 years including after pregnancy, i've noticed a remarkable difference in just one month! waiting to see if new hair grows but the hairfall has certainly stopped. I was written off by skin specialists as having a balding syndrome which will not get corrected. I am blessed to have tried this. Also naturally conditions, which is great time saver for someone like me who never conditioned her hair.

By: Amby on Jan 22, 2017

Amazingly awesome..

I just love it...felt the difference rite from first wash..I hv dry scalp n color my hair to hide's too early to comment about regrowth and premature greying....but my hair fall hair feel soft and there's no itching anymore...I don't need conditioner after this..I hv ordered another bottle for a friend.

By: Geetu on Oct 27, 2016

Bringadi treatment hair oil is a wonder invention by Kama Ayurveda! At least in my opinion. I have been using this oil for the past 2 years and it really did wonder to my hair. I usually apply it on my hair the previous night before shampooing my hair. It

Bringadi treatment hair oil is a wonder invention by Kama Ayurveda! I have been using this oil for the past 2 years and it really did wonder to my hair. I usually apply it & leave it overnight before shampooing my hair in the morning. It makes the hair shiny and soft. Thank you Kama!

By: Debashree on Oct 14, 2016

Nothing like Bringadi for your hair!

Morning hair routine is Bringadi, leave it on for 10-20 minutes, and then Kama Rose and Jasmine cleanser while showering. On the weekends I use Parachute coconut oil as well in combination with Bringadi. I had a lot of hairfall when I moved to a country where the water is great but has calcium, and then I started on a small chemotherapy drug for an auto-immune disease. Vit E pills helped but not a lot. I don't know whether it is Bringadi or Rose/Jasmine cleanser (probably both!), my hairfall is almost a thing of the past even as I continue on drugs. Even my hairdresser has told me how much my hair quality has improved. (Yay, traditional Indian care!). And for the first time since I was 18 (till then, hair care = mom), I was told I have lovely hair by someone last week. Before this I was using shampoos I was relatively happy with - Burt's Bees. Now, I carry the Kama shampoo and Bringadi oil with me even when I travel. I have fine, wavy, dark brown hair - if that helps anyone. I do not use any heating tools or chemicals, only a hairdryer to style my short hair in the mornings. If you stopped using oil a while back, or have never used it, this might take a little bit of time for you to figure out the right amount - I bought this as a gift for my friend and she used a baby shampoo to wash her hair, and her hair was too oily for her liking. So try it over the weekend for the first time. ps: Kama, I find your sample bottles useful for carrying this oil around while traveling. Wish you would include a bottle everytime someone buys this oil - even if its an empty one!

By: lk333 on Oct 09, 2016