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Rose Jasmine Bath and Body Oil

Rose Jasmine Bath and Body Oil

A quickly absorbed, indulgent body oil that leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and well nourished.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview
A luxurious floral oil blend that can be used as a pre or post bath hydra-tor. Contains pure essential oils of Rose & Jasmine along with Organic Almond Oil, Soya Bean, Wheat Germ and Castor Oils. Rich in minerals, Vitamins A, D & E,the antioxidant and regenerative properties of this formula help in restoring the natural glow of the skin. Light, quick absorbing and suited for everyday use.
Benefits :
• 100% Natural
• Softens and hydrates
• Light and quickly absorbed
• Non-greasy
• Restores natural glow
What to Expect
A lightweight, non-sticky body oil that sinks into skin quickly and keeps it soft and hydrated.

How to Use

How to apply

"Pre Bath: Gently massage into your skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with a mild body cleanser. Bath Oil: Add approximate 10 - 15 ml to bath water for a relaxing bath. Post Bath: Pour appropriate quantity on palms and massage gently all over the body."


Red Sandalwood Ayurvedic Soap:

Kama's Red sandalwood soap is made with natural red sandalwood and pure sandalwood oil which is prescribed in Ayurveda for curing various skin related issues like acne, sunburn, blemishes, premature aging . This Ayurveda formula contains a blend of cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil and natural bees wax which nourishing the skin and restore natural glow.



Amygdalus Communis, popularly known as Almond, replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin, reduces acne and makes the skin look healthier. Its oil is mild and can be used as a moisturiser. It is also used for massages. It reduces breakage, split ends, itchy scalp, dry roots and flat hair. It softens the scalp, and makes the hair look shiny, silky and healthy.


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Total bath bliss

"I am so kicked to try this. Total bath bliss!"Read more..

By Rati Singh Tehri- Indian Make up and beauty blog / Posted on 3/9/2017
Rose and jasmine body oil deserves 5 stars

I use this rose and jasmine body oil from Kama Ayurveda as a post shower softening lotion and it works really well. It is not sticky and greasy like other oils, which make me its fan. It has a mild fragrance of rose, which makes people around me feel great. I would love to repurchase it.

By shivani / Posted on 1/19/2017

Ask Kama

Ask Question?

Q. Can I apply this daily?

Question by: SWATI AGGARWAL on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. Yes, this Bath and body oil can be applied everyday.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. Can I also add this body oil in my bath tub?

Question by: SWATI AGGARWAL on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. Yes, you can safely add it to your bath water to scent and moisturise your skin.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. Can it be used for baby face massage??

Question by: vyshu on Jan 21, 2017 18:20:34 PM

A. We do not recommend our Rose Jasmine Bath and Body Oil to be used for baby face massage. You can try our Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil, the ultimate top-to-toe baby massage oil that soothes, nourishes, protects and softens delicate skin to keep it healthy and radiant. It is recommended to warm the oil slightly and gently massage into baby hair, face and body. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and cleanse with a mild baby cleanser and lukewarm water.

Answer by: Team Kama on Feb 16, 2017 05:23:41 AM

Q. How long the fragrance would last for the same?

Question by: Pooja on Apr 08, 2018 18:06:13 PM

A. The fragrance of Rose & Jasmine are not long lasting, with the absence of additives, these essential oils are added for the benefits they provide.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jun 26, 2018 08:13:57 AM

Q. Can I use mixing with Rose merry oil and Lavender oil for massage purpose ?

Question by: Shilpa Das on Mar 10, 2019 08:34:14 AM

A. We suggest using Rose Jasmine Bath & Body Oil independently. Gently masage pre-bath. Post 10-15 minutes, add 10-15 ml to bath water, for a relaxing bath and cleanse with Rose & Jasmine Body Cleanser. Maybe used post bath as well.

Answer by: Team Kama on Mar 13, 2019 07:26:45 AM

Q. Can we use this on face

Question by: Aishu on Apr 08, 2019 13:21:14 PM

A. Rose Jasmine Bath & Body Oil is recommended pre, during and post bathing, for the body. The nourishing blend of oils relieves dryness, for softer, smoother skin.

Answer by: Team Kama on Apr 11, 2019 11:19:29 AM

Q. Will it moisturize my skin if I use it post bath? Or, do I need to apply moisturizer as well after applying this oil?

Question by: Sobhita on May 28, 2019 04:21:46 AM

A. Rose Jasmine Bath & Body Oil is recommended to be applied post bath, while the skin is damp and gently massaged till absorbed to moisturize. Layer with Natural Sun Protection in case of sun expose.

Answer by: Team Kama on Jun 04, 2019 08:58:55 AM


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