Shea Lotus Body Butter

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An intensely moisturising Body Butter that provides deep-skin nourishment, alleviates dryness or flaking and induces long-lasting softness and smoothness.

Country of Origin: India

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• Apply generously all over the body after a bath and massage in upward strokes, until fully absorbed.
• Concentrate on rough areas such as knees and elbows. Reapply whenever skin feels dry, stretched or uncomfortable.
• Different skin types react differently to a Natural product. Please conduct a patch test before application.
Quick Overview
Blended in a base of Cold Pressed Coconut and Jojoba Oils, this rich and creamy Body Butter absorbs easily into skin, replenishes the body's natural hydration levels and enhances skin texture by softening and smoothening it. Antioxidant-rich Natural Butters - Kokum (Mangosteen), Mango and Shea - help maintain the plumped-up, youthful appearance of skin, by protecting against free radical damage and minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. While anti-inflammatory Coconut and Jojoba Oils protect skin against infections, acne breakouts and blemishes, Essential Oil Extracts of soothing Lotus help induce a deep sense of relaxation and restoration.
Benefits :
• 94.85% Natural
• Provides instant relief from flaking and dry patches
• Firms and tones skin
• Helps lighten the appearance of scars and stretch marks
• Helps replenish skin collagen levels
What to Expect
A luxuriant, thick, restorative consistency, which ensures that constant reapplication is not required. Deep moisturisation ensures that skin remains soft, smooth and supple for long periods of time.


  • Aloevera


    Referred to as the miracle plant in Ayurveda, it is used to treat wounds, minor cuts, dry skin, redness, skin irritation and severe burns. With strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene which give it strong nourishing and anti-ageing qualities. It's cooling and gently hydrating properties make it a wonderful addition to any skin regime.



    Shea butter is known for its healing properties that can be attributed to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols. The vitamins A and E protect the cells from free radicals and environmental damage. Shea butter is considered as one of the best anti-aging and moisturizing agents for the skin. Shea butter penetrates into the skin easily, without clogging the pores, and is effective for dry skin. Vitamins A and E found in this butter keep the skin supple, nourished, radiant, and prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines.



    Shorea Robusta, also known as Sal Tree or Shala, is a well-known tree that can be found all over India and neighboring countries. Its astringent properties make it very beneficial to skin and hair. Sal Tree is a powerful astringent and is high in anti-mic



    Essential Oil Extracts of Lotus are generously hydrating. As a natural, anti-inflammatory astringent, Lotus cleans out clogged skin pores, toning and tightening them, thereby improving skin tone and textural smoothness. The sweet, floral and earthy fragra



    Mango Butter works particularly well with sensitive skin. A rich source of Vitamin A, it encourages healthy cellular regeneration and preserves the youthful appearance of skin. It alleviates the discomfort of persistent dryness, especially of dry patches



    As a humectant and hygroscopic ingredient, Glycerine retains and preserves existing hydration levels in the skin, drawing on moisture from the environment to replenish them. It softens and smoothens skin, clears blackheads and acne, and delays the onset A



    Ayurvedic Manuscripts regard the Coconut Tree as the Kalpavriksha ('Tree of Life', 'Tree of Abundance', 'Wishing Tree'). As an abundant source of the 'healthy' fatty acid, Lauric Acid, Coconut Oil is anti-inflammatory and moisturising for dry, damaged, or


  • 5/5 Effectiveness

    Absolutely Worth Your Money

    At first, I got a small sample of this body butter in an assorted gift bag. It was so luxurious without being oily that I ordered the big tub. I am also done using the tub and will get another one in the other fragrance. It is luxurious, long-lasting, moisturising, and does not make my skin oily in the humid climate that I live in. It is worth every rupee and I absolutely recommend it.

    Review by amarllyis Posted on 1/31/21

  • 5/5 Effectiveness

    Truly luxurious

    One of the best body butters I've ever bought.. A rich, extremely nourishing butter that makes your skin so deeply moisturized that it glides.. soft n supple.. And the best part is the heavenly lotus fragrance.. truly luxurious.. one of Kama's best products.. happy.. :)

    Review by D Posted on 12/4/19

  • 5/5 Effectiveness

    I loved ur shea body butter ,i got an sample of this product when i applied this to my skin ,my skin feel smooth and glowing and the fragrance of the this product is awesome it make me to feel fresh it was awesome ,and the small quantity is enough its s

    Smooth,radiant and fragrance of the product

    Review by Bhavanee Posted on 12/31/18

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Ask Kama

  • Q. Hi Kama, I stayed in a star hotel in chennai. Where I got a kama Ayurveda brahma kamal moisturiser . I liked the moisturizing and fragrance soo much. But when I checked the website i couldn't find the same. Please let me know where I can buy the same. Question by: JAYASHRI on Mar 13, 2019

    A. Our products available in hotels & spas are created exclusively for them. Shop online for our range of body moisturizers that are true to the same Ayurvedic principles and ingredients used. We suggest our pure essential oil blended Rose & Jasmine Body Moisturiser or Shea Lotus Body Butter for intense moisturization with the pure essential oil of Lotus (Kamal). answer by: team kama on Mar 18, 2019

  • Q. I have a acne prone skin for my body.. I have acne marks on my body and my body is tanned.. So please suggest me something for my body... Question by: nancy on Jan 04, 2019

    A. We suggest mixing two parts Organic Neem Oil with one part Organic Sweet Almond Oil, apply to the affected area. Post thirty minutes, cleanse with Red Sandalwood Ayurvedic Soap. Once the acne subsides use Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree Body Scrub to prevent acne reoccuring. answer by: team kama on Jan 08, 2019

  • Q. This product suitable for my 7 months old baby skin Question by: Neha on Jan 02, 2019

    A. We suggest our Baby Care Regime instead. Massage warmed Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil Lakshadi Thailam : blended with Turmeric, Sandalwood & Liquorice. Post 10-15 minutes cleanse with Baby Soap Nirav and massage Vitamin A & E rich; Organic Sweet Almond Oil : to improve baby's complexion and health. answer by: team kama on Jan 11, 2019

  • Q. Is it too thick for the skin is it too oily n leaves sticky feeling behind which also makes skin look a bit dark Question by: Shweta on Dec 26, 2018

    A. Shea Lotus Body Butter is an intense moisturizing body butter that nourishes, while alleviating dryness & flakiness, to soften and smooth. Should you prefer a lighter texture, try Rose & Jasmine Body Moisturizer with Aloe Vera, Lemon & Beetroot extracts. answer by: team kama on Jan 08, 2019

  • Q. Is this suitable for pregnant women Question by: Dee on Nov 27, 2018

    A. Yes, Shea Lotus Body Butter is suitable for pregnant women. We also suggest Dhanwantaram Thailam a 100% natural, Ayurvedic treatment specially formulated for expectant and new mothers, to relieve pain, prevent stretch marks and improve elasticity, while boosting immunity. Consult with your obstetrician as an added precaution. answer by: team kama on Dec 10, 2018

  • Q. Can i use this cream for wrinkle? Question by: Siri on Nov 25, 2018

    A. Shea Lotus Body Butter is recommended for use on the body. For the face try our Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream an Ayurvedic night treatment that brightens the complexion, relieves signs of aging and promotes cell growth. answer by: team kama on Dec 10, 2018

  • Q. Can we use the newly launched Shea Lotus Body Butter to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy? Question by: Andy on Nov 24, 2018

    A. Yes, Shea Lotus Body Butter is blended with cold pressed oils of Coconut & Jojoba and butters of Kokum, Mango & Shea. Post bathing with our sulphate & paraben free body cleansers, pat dry and apply Shea Lotus Body Butter when the skin is most receptive, re-apply through the day as required. Also try Dhanwantaram Thailam a 100% natural, Ayurvedic oil specially formulated for expectant and new mothers, to relieve pain, prevent stretch marks and improve elasticity, while boosting immunity. answer by: team kama on Dec 10, 2018

  • Q. Want cream for pregnancy stretch mark .currently 9 month pregnant .cream should be safe Question by: Shikha on Nov 24, 2018

    A. Try our Pregnancy Care Regime of : Dhanwantaram Thailam, Kokum Almond Body Butter and Nimba Purifying Soap, specially formulated for expectant and new mothers, to relieve pain, prevent stretch marks and improve elasticity, while boosting immunity. Consult with your obstetrician as an added precaution. answer by: team kama on Nov 30, 2018

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