Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser

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A gentle foaming cleanser with a rich blend of Ayurvedic ingredients to effectively cleanse and lift away makeup and impurities.


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Use two to three pumps appropriate amount on damp skin. Lightly massage and rinse well with water and pat dry.
Quick Overview
A perfect hydrating face wash filled with natural ingredients, which gently and thoroughly clean skin and remove light makeup. Aloe Vera leaf juice heals and smoothens skin while antibacterial Vetiver root and Black Cumin seeds protect from pollutants. Deeply conditioning Jojoba Seed oil softens and rejuvenates skin, minimizes fine lines and promoting skin suppleness. The pure essential oil of Rose has excellent emollient and hydrating properties keeping the skin soft, young and moisturized. The pure essential oil of Jasmine is an effective toner and helps reduce skin marks and scarring with regular usage.
Benefits :
• 100% Natural
• Gently cleanses and tones
• Minimises fine lines
• Smoothens skin
• Removes light makeup
What to Expect
A floral scented, gentle facial cleanser that foams lightly. Cleans thoroughly leaving skin feeling hydrated, soft, and rejuvenated.
Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream
This incredible Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night cream is a special blend of precious and rare ingredients to help illuminate the skin colour and promote cell growth. Our Ayurveda based formula is blended with the finest of Saffron from Kashmir to brighten your skin, reduce dark circles and pigmentation. Indian Madder and Aloe Vera has antiseptic properties which prevents fine lines and delays the process of ageing skin. Vetiver, and lotus cool and cleanse while helping clear blemishes. Liquorice, an antiseptic, protects against bacterial and fungal infections. A perfect leave in night treatment for youthful naturally radiant skin.
Pure Rose Water
KAMA Ayurveda Pure Rosewater is made from the roses of Kannauj, a region in North India, rich in white soil conductive to roses' growth. The Kannauj rose is considered has the same specifications as the Bulgarian rose.
Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream
This nourishing Ayurvedic face cream made with a blend of pure ingredients, described in the ancient Ashtanga Hrudayam Ayurveda text as the ideal treatment for smooth, soft and clear skin. The herbs are processed in pure coconut milk and sesame oil. Costus and Cardamom are known for their Varneekarana properties – the ability to enhance skin texture. Costus is especially known for its soothing effect on skin.


  • Aloevera


    Referred to as the miracle plant in Ayurveda, it is used to treat wounds, minor cuts, dry skin, redness, skin irritation and severe burns. With strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene which give it strong nourishing and anti-ageing qualities. It's cooling and gently hydrating properties make it a wonderful addition to any skin regime.

  • Black Cuminseeds

    Black Cuminseeds

    It’s antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory in nature and is useful for treating a variety of ailments, from healing cuts and rashes to fighting infections and leaving a cooling sensation.



    It has roots that are aromatic in nature. The oil distilled from its roots cures acne, dry skin, ageing skin, and skin irritation. Vetiver essential oil also helps in relaxing the body and mind.



    It is highly recommended for those with dry and oily skin as it regulates the sebum produced on the skin and controls the greasy texture. It is also great for hair care.


4.6/5 17 REVIEWS
  • 4/5 Effectiveness

    Good product!

    It's a good and very mild face cleanser. However, if you are facing mild, moderate or severe acne issues, then it's not for you! For people with problem-free skin, it's worth it!

    Review by Pooja Posted on 1/3/19

  • 3/5 Effectiveness



    Review by raman Posted on 4/15/18

  • 4/5 Effectiveness

    Good Cleanser

    Awesome fragrance instant freshness very very good cleanser

    Review by Nikhil Posted on 8/14/17

  • 5/5 Effectiveness

    Awesome product that makes me feel fresh

    The cleanser is so nice and makes me feel fresh when i use it. The frangnance is amazing as well but the best part is it doesn't burn the eyes unlike other cleansers. I am so used to this product now. Highly recommended.

    Review by Suchanda Posted on 8/6/17

  • 5/5 Effectiveness


    I have a dry skin it's almost 2months I am using this cleanser my skin feels soft and refreshed it cleanses very well!!

    Review by Nazia Posted on 6/12/17

  • 4/5 Effectiveness


    Nice product..U will get a transparent liquid with lovely rosy fragrance. Feels very smooth on the skin. Doesn't make my skin dry... Price is a bit high though

    Review by Geetu Posted on 4/12/17

  • 5/5 Effectiveness

    Definite repurchase

    "I love how calming this feels after a days work , and soothes my nerves. I also love that this is a very balanced face cleanser, i.e. it doesn’t strip my face from oils the way other conditioners can tend to do, but just leaves it fresh and clean without making it feel tight."Read more..

    Review by Mehak- Peaches and Blush Posted on 3/9/17

  • 5/5 Effectiveness

    A hydRati Singh Tehring face wash filled with natural ingredients

    Keeping in mind that all Kama Ayurveda products are 100% pure , this face cleanser stood true to its word. I like the fact that it retains the moisture on my face. As this product also contains aloe vera leaf juice it felt hydRati Singh Tehring on my dry skin. Over all, this is a feel good product, its light on the skin and cleanses the face.Read more..

    Review by Jas Sagu- Woman I love you Posted on 3/9/17

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Ask Kama

  • Q. Which preservative is used in this product? Question by: Deepti on Oct 20, 2019

    A. Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser has a mild, food grade preservative derived from the berries of the Mountain Ash tree. answer by: team kama on Nov 18, 2019

  • Q. Hey which of your facewash is suitable in winter? Question by: Ashi on Oct 13, 2019

    A. We suggest Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser a 100% natural, dermatologically tested, sulfate free, gel cleanser blended with Aloe Vera, Black Cumin & Jojoba Oil and the pure essential oils of Rose & Jasmine, to gently, yet effectively cleanse. answer by: team kama on Oct 18, 2019

  • Q. I do not want any anti aging properties in the products I use. I have slight pigmentation, acne prone skin and light scars. What can you recommend. Kama’s sandalwood soap and kukumadi scrub seem to work for me. What else can I use? Does the rise and jasmine like have anti aging properties? And what is the khus soap used for? Question by: Riddhi on Aug 06, 2019

    A. We suggest Anti Acne Cleansing Foam blended with Neem, Tulsi and Tea Tree to treat & prevent acne, while lessening scarring. Aloe Vera, Black Cumin & Jojoba Oil in Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser have anti-aging properties. Khus Natural Soap is recommended for use on the body to cleanse, while nourishing, cooling & refreshing. answer by: team kama on Aug 13, 2019

  • Q. After using Nalpamaradi thailam on my face, which cleanser should I use to cleanse my face? Thanks Madhu Question by: Madhu on Jul 19, 2019

    A. Post use of Nalpamaradi Thailam Skin Brightening Treatment we suggest following with Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser. answer by: team kama on Aug 02, 2019

  • Q. Suggest me most suitable product.. my skin hv pigmentation problem and its ageing.. Question by: Tany on Jul 02, 2019

    A. We recommend your our Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream blended with Saffron, Indian Madder, Liquorice & Lotus extracts to brighten, while repairing pigmentation & aging concerns. Every evening, post cleansing, spray Pure Rose Water and gently massage Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream over the face, neck & under eye area till completely absorbed, allow to work through the night. Patch test recommended, not recommended for use on active acne. Include Natural Sun Protection for broad spectrum UV protection. answer by: team kama on Jul 09, 2019

  • Q. Please tell me step by step to use mridul face wash and rose jasmine face cleanser with kumkumadi night serum. Question by: Snehal on Jun 08, 2019

    A. Every evening cleanse with Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser, spray Pure Rose Water and apply 3-4 drops of Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid on to damp skin, and gently massage over the face, neck and under eye area. Allow to work through the night. Patch test recommended, not recommended for use on active acne. In the morning cleanse with Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser and follow with Pure Rose Water, Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream and Natural Sun Protection. answer by: team kama on Jun 14, 2019

  • Q. I am 34yrs, wheatish complexion, have oily skin, have uneven skin tone, open pores, sometimes get rashes. Please suggest a regular face wash for me. im interested to buy the rose water of Kama..suggest a face pack, a night cream for glow... Question by: Mou on May 26, 2019

    A. We suggest Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream blended with Saffron, Liquorice & Lotus to brighten, pigmented skin. Used nightly, post cleansing with Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser & toning with Pure Rose Water. Patch test recommended, not recommended for use on active acne. Including Pure Rose Water post cleansing and Suvarna Haldi Chandan Brightening Face Pack as a bi-weekly treatment to minimize pores, while improving textural smoothness and enhancing the complexion. answer by: team kama on May 31, 2019

  • Q. Hi, I am 19 years old I have skin problems like suntan, dark circles and after sweating my face looks totally dull. I am always busy in my study and part time job so u don't get the time maintenan any home remedy or parlour treatment. Please suggest me any cream oil which will help me to get my glowing skin back. Question by: Payal on Apr 27, 2019

    A. We suggest Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream blended with Saffron to brighten while repairing pigmentation & dark circles. Every evening post cleansing, spray Pure Rose Water and gently massage Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream over the face, neck & under eye area till completely absorbed, allow to work through the night. Patch test recommended, not recommended for use on active acne. Use Natural Sun Protection for broad spectrum UV protection through the day. answer by: team kama on May 06, 2019

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