Sweet Basil Essential oil

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A spicy, yet herbal nature of essential oil that calms and centres the mind while promoting focus and alertness.

Country of Origin: India

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For Home Fragrance: Pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and tuck into a corner of the room, refresh the cotton as required. Can also be used as a diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner.
For Skin, Hair and Body: To be used after diluting with a carrier oil such as Coconut, Almond and Sesame only. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil and blend well. Not for direct use on skin. Keep away from eyes. For external use only.
Quick Overview
A natural healing and immunity-building ingredient Basil has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine since time immemorial. When used topically and massaged into skin, it adds luster to dull-looking skin. Also commonly used to treat the symptoms of acne and other skin infections. It's oil-absorbing properties strip away excess scalp grease or product buildup in hairwhile adding shine. Widely used in aromatherapy for to treat respiratory issues as well as tension, mental fatigue, migraines and melancholy. When diffused, Basil helps promote mental clarity for a stress-relieving experience.
Benefits :
• 100% Natural
• Treats acne and dull skin
• Clarifies scalp for shiny hair
• Relieves congestionFighting bacteria
• Calms mental disturbance
• Focuses and rejuvenates the senses
What to Expect
A pale runny oil with a naturally sweet, warm, spicy and herbal smell.


  • Sweet Basil

    Sweet Basil

    It is an excellent ingredient for replenishing the facial skin.it not only works as a blemishes eraser but gives the skin an even tone and also works at deeply moisturizing thereby calming the nerves and relieving stress.


  • 3/5 Effectiveness

    Good product with sweet aroma

    Good product with sweet aroma. It effectively calms the mind to promote focus and alertness. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, this is highly beneficial in preventing acne and adds lustre to dull skin.

    Review by Shivu Posted on 1/24/17

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Ask Kama

  • Q. Which essential oil and carrier oil should I mix to nourish my hair and help in regrowing? Question by: Pancho on Oct 14, 2019

    A. We suggest Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment instead, a 100% natural, all-in-one Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss & dandruff, delaying premature graying; that naturally conditions and improves growth. 2-3 times a week, gently massage Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment. Post thirty minutes of treatment, complete your natural regime with our sulfate and paraben free, Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser and Conditioner. answer by: team kama on Oct 18, 2019

  • Q. Can you suggest me oil as a EYE DROP and EAR DROP? Question by: Darshani Shah on Jul 21, 2019

    A. Our products are recommended for external use only. answer by: team kama on Aug 02, 2019

  • Q. Dear sir/Mam,how can i use this oil on acne. Question by: Kangge on Jan 07, 2018

    A. We recommend instead our Organic Neem Oil, mixed in equal parts with Organic Sesame or Sweet Almond Oil, applied, left for 30 minutes and cleansed with Red Sandalwood Ayurvedic Soap. Also try our Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack. answer by: team kama on Jan 11, 2018

  • Q. Eucalyptus or basil oil- which one will be better for steam inhalation for sinusitis? Question by: Hansika on Nov 26, 2016

    A. To relieve sinus congestion, we recommend you to try our Eucalyptus oil for steam inhalation. Eucalyptus is one of the best oils for colds; it is antiviral, antibacterial and decongestant. Add a drop or two of Eucalyptus essential oil to the heated water when doing a steam inhalation. When inhaled, the eucalyptus oil is thought to help loosen mucus. It helps to relieve the pain, the congestion and the infection. Please note that it should not be ingested, applied directly to the skin, or used in excess of suggested amounts. answer by: team kama on Jan 02, 2017

  • Q. Can I use this as a bathroom deodorize? Question by: PARTH SAMTHAAN on Sep 22, 2016

    A. Yes, just put a few drops of the essential oil under your sink or in the corner of the bathroom and refresh every 12-14 hours. answer by: team kama on Sep 23, 2016

  • Q. Can this oil be used as a flavoring ingredien? Question by: PARTH SAMTHAAN on Sep 22, 2016

    A. It is absolutely not recommended to use this in cooking or flavoring as this is for external use only. answer by: team kama on Sep 23, 2016

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