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Tea Tree Essential oil

Tea Tree Essential oil

A potent multipurpose essential oils that give natural healing and protection with its herbal, warming and slightly spicy aroma.


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size: 6.7 fl.oz. / 12 ml


Quick Overview
A pure essential oil that is steam distilled from the leaves and twigs of Tea Tree that is well know for its beauty applications and also adds to general well being. One its most common uses today is to effectively and quickly spot treat acne, blemishes and pimples without any over-drying, redness and tightness. As an anti-inflammatory agent, it relieves a variety of skin irritations including eczema and psoriasis. Also very beneficial for the health of hair and scalp with its ability to soothe dry flaking, remove dandruff and can even be used for the treatment of lice. When diffused, it strengthens the vital energy within the body, energises the heart and mind and uplifts the spirit.
Benefits :
• 100% Natural
• Clears acne and pimples
• Reduces oiliness
• Heals skin inflammation
• Clears oily scalp and dandruff
• Energising and uplifting
What to Expect
A pale, yellow mobile liquid with a warm, fresh, spicy and herbal aroma.

How to Use

How to apply

For Home Fragrance: Pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and tuck into a corner of the room, refresh the cotton as required. Can also be used as a diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner.
For Skin, Hair and Body: To be used after diluting with a carrier oil such as Coconut, Almond and Sesame only. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil and blend well. Not for direct use on skin. Keep away from eyes. For external use only.



It is also known as Tea Tree. Its oil is known for its topical antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment or infection-reducing benefits. It also has antibiotic properties and helps aid against aliments such as skin infections, acne, rashes, burns, dandruff and much more.


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Ask Kama

Ask Question?

Q. Can I use this directly on my pimples or rashes as a spot treatment?

Question by: PRIYANKA AGGARWAL on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. No, neither this nor any of our other essential oils should ever be directly applied to skin as they are extremely concentrated and are like to irritate the skin. However, it can mixed with a light carrier oil like Coconut or Almond oil to be used as a spot treatment.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. Can i use it on my scalp directly?

Question by: PRIYANKA AGGARWAL on Sep 22, 2016 09:23:45 AM

A. No, direct scalp application is not recommended - instead, please mix into your existing hair oil or a light carrier oil like Coconut or Almond oil for a scalp treatment.

Answer by: Team Kama on Sep 23, 2016 11:53:35 AM

Q. What is the recommended ratio to be mixed with coconut oil for treating dandruff?

Question by: Vinay on Jan 04, 2017 07:50:05 AM

A. For dandruff, we recommend you to try our Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil, an all-in-one hair treatment to treat dandruff, hair loss, premature graying, and restores damaged hair back to health.

Answer by: Team Kama on Feb 09, 2017 07:06:49 AM

Q. Can i use it for bath? If it so how many drops?

Question by: Mad on Feb 17, 2017 14:06:24 PM

A. Yes, you can use it for bath. However, we recommend using only 1-2 drops of the essential oil, in one bucket (15 liters).

Answer by: Team Kama on Feb 20, 2017 05:55:41 AM


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