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Ayurveda believes that the temprament of a human being is genetic in origin, directly related to the constitution or 'Prakriti' of the body.

Each individual is born with a unique body type, or 'prakriti', which is determined by the dominance of one or more of the three doshas. Discovering your Prakriti is the beginning of understanding the qualities of your uniqueness. Becoming familiar with these qualities is your guide to knowing how to best take care of yourself.

The doshas are themselves combinations of energy of the five elements:


    Solid state of matter


    Fluid state of matter


    Energe that transforms State of matter


    Gaseous state of matter


    Space of Matter to Exist

The three doshas are the manifestations of
these five states in the body


    Is a combination of FIRE and WATER. It is responsible for heat, metabolism, energy production and digestive functions of the body.


    Is a combinations of AIR and ETHER. It is responsible for all moments of the body, mind, senses and the process of elimination.


    Is a combination of EARTH and WATER. It is responsible for physical stability, proper body structureand fluid balance.

Prakriti or nature is not meant to categorise people, nor are any of the doshas better than each other. One combination of energy is never better than the other, each has its unique potential, vices and virtues.

The importance of knowing your body - type Vata, Pitta or Kapha is that it sharply focuses your diet, exercise, daily routine and other measures for preventing disease. By eating and adopting an appropriate lifestyle, one can have balance everywhere.

Guidelines to test your dosha

  • Discovering your Prakriti should be viewed as an opportunity to better understand your own individuality. Becoming familiar with your given energy network, living it and learning to keep it in harmony is basic to Ayurveda and fundamental to Ayurvedic Beauty Regimes as well.
  • The questionnaire below to cover to key aspects : Physical & Behavioural. A host of questions under each section will help know your true Prakriti.
  • This questionnaire should be answered honestly. The answer should be as per who you are from birth and not what you want to be or think should be. More than one characteristics in each parameter can be chosen as per your profile. Please tick against each characteristic as applicable.

NOTE: All 3 Doshas are present in everyone in differing proportions. According to Ayurveda, all three need to be kept in balance to enjoy a wholesomelife.

This Dosha test will give you the proportions of the three doshas. Vata, Pitta and Kapha within your unique mind & body constitution. Most of us have one predominant Dosha, a few have a combination of two doshas and very few have all three doshas in equal proportion.